(10 Reasons) Why is Target RedCard not working

Is your Target RedCard not working?

Are you looking for the reasons causing issues in your Target RedCard?

Well, let us assure you, this is one-stop for all these of your answers. Here, in this post, we have mentioned all the reasons why Target RedCard is not working for you.

And along with the reasons, we have provided the solutions to fix this particular problem.

So, if you are ready, let us start without further ado.

Why is Target Red Card not working (Solutions)

Target Red Card is not working because your credit limit has been exhausted, Target has put credit limit, your RedCard is inactive, there are Target services issues, or Target has terminated your card.

As you already know, there are two formats of Target RedCard – credit and debit card, and you might be using anyone of them. Here, in this article, we will be discussing the reasons for both types of cards. And before you ask, we will make sure to provide the simple answers you are expecting.

1. Credit Limitations by Target

The very basic reason why your Target RedCard is not working is because of the credit limitation applied by the company. And if you are trying to use more than the limit you are alloted, your Target RedCard simply won’t work.

There could be many reasons why Target reduced your credit limit from your normal limit to something lower.

According to the official Target card agreement document, the company has the right to change the credit limit based on user’s payment history, purchase behavior, and credit capacity. And sometimes, Target can reduce the credit limit based on the report generated by the credit bureau and information on the credit accounts in other companies.

That’s why, if Target observes you as a risky individual to their services, your transactions exceeding the credit limit will not be authorized.

Now, you know why Target RedCard is not working for you. Let’s see the possible solution.

Solution: If Target has already reduced your credit limit on your RedCard, you won’t be able to increase your credit limit right away. You will be required to work constantly to bring your account in good standing. Pay your bills on time and do not use Target for illegal transactions.

2. Exhausted card limits

In the previous part, we discussed the limitations applied by Target on the RedCard, credit card. There are other types of constraints as well that apply to both credit and debit cards.

Target puts a default limit on the number of times the cards can be used for the transactions in a day and in a month and even the amount of funds that can be used for the transaction. You might have exhausted your daily or monthly limitations. That’s why Target RedCard is not working for you.

Solution: We do not have the exact details on the limits applied by the company. But, you will have to make sure the number of times you are using your card doesn’t trigger the security system.

3. Target card is still inactive

Any Target user can easily apply for a Red Card service. If you are eligible, the company will make sure you receive a Target card and access to the services.

Upon receiving the Target Red Card, the users are required to activate the card to use it for shopping at their favorite online or offline stores.

If you have received the card and it’s not working, it is possible that you still haven’t activated it.

Solution: The solution is pretty straightforward, activate your RedCard before you use it for any kind of transaction. Visit the official Target card activation web page and enter the required details.

And that’s all; you will be able to use the card for payment right after the activation.

4. Target deactivated card on report

Target provides the option to report lost or theft RedCard. By this way, the user can save their card from any kind of possible exploitation and threat.

And if Target deactivates the card upon observing the lost-card report made by the user, the card cannot be used as usual. As it remains inactive till Target activates it again.

Solution: The solution is quite easy. You just need to contact Target concerned team and ask them to reactivate your RedCard.

You can call Target at 1-800-659-2396

5. Credit authorization required

According to Target, sometimes, they will ask the user to provide identification for prior authorization before proceeding with the transaction. And if your Target RedCard is not working, you might require to provide identification to Target.

Sometimes, even if you try to provide the details for the identification, Target might not be able to authorize your transaction because of problems faced by their authorization system services.

This could be the reason why Target RedCard is not working for you.

Solution: Provide the required details for the identification for authorization of the transaction. If the authorization is not working for you, we suggest you try filling up the details later.

6. Target credit account payment method issue

As you already know, if you are using a credit card account, you will be required to pay the bills of the purchase made with the Target credit card.

The company provides multiple options to pay the credit card bills. You can use the debit card associated with your bank as a payment method with monthly billing cycle.

But, if you are observing issues with the card usage, it might be the case that you are trying to use your Target debit card as payment method for Target credit card account. It won’t work.

According to Target, one cannot use their Target debit card as payment method on any Target-branded credit card account. And not only Target brand, but their affiliates and financial institution partner.

Solution: Select a different card then the Target debit card as payment method of Target credit account. You can choose debit card associated with any participating bank.

7. Change of personal information

If you have been using Target, you might remember submitting your personal details like name, residential address, phone number and more.

And in case, you changed your phone number or address later, and your account information is outdated, Target might decline your transaction as well.

Solution: The solution is very simple and the obvious one. You will be required to update the details in your Target RedCard account in order to use the account normally as intended.

8. Using card outside US

You might already aware of the fact that no Target branded card, whether it is credit or debit card, can be used outside the United States. The Target services are geo-blocked and you will see error message if you try to use the card outside the US.

Solution: The obvious solution is to use the Target branded card only in the USA.

9. Target server issues

In this post we have tried our best to include all the possible reasons for the Target ‘RedCard not working’ problem. We are sure that the solutions we provided will definitely help you in fixing the problem with your Target RedCard.

But, if you are still encountering issues with your Target RedCard, the issues can be on the company’s end.

Internet based services can be easily disturbed by a small bug or glitch in the system. And if nothing else is wrong, it can be assumed that the company is facing an outage service in a particular area.

Solution: As you can tell, you cannot fix the problems faced by the company in providing the services, but you can keep an eye on the service status easily.

The websites like Downdetector.com and IsitDownRightNow.com can be followed for any updates on the server issues.

These platforms post service-reports based on the these issues posted by the users on social media. So, these might not always be true.

Target RedCard not working

10. Terminated card

Well, if Target services are online and there is no other reason you can find, there is a possibility your Red Card has been terminated by the issuer.

Termination of the card by Target is a very rare case and only happens if you are a defaulter. If Target card users has too much EFTs that are returned as unpaid, they will be considered as defaulter. And as a result Target will terminate their Red Card.

Solution: You can make payments to Target by ACH or any electronic transfer from your bank account.


Let us wrap this post now.

Here, we have discussed all the possible reasons for Target RedCard ‘not working’ problems and the method to fix it.

This post tries its best to solve your queries in the easiest possible language, but if you still need any assistance, do contact us.

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