7 Methods to Fix: Target Gift Card not working

Are you finding it hard to redeem your Target gift card?

Is your Target gift card not working at the Target store?

There could be many reasons why your gift card is not working as intended. And if you are looking for the reasons, you have reached the right web page.

Here, in this post, you will find all answers to your question with additional required details.

Why is my Target gift card not working

Target gift card is not working for you because you are using it to buy restricted items, you might be submitting wrong card details, Target services might not be responding, and your Target gift card is damaged and cannot be used.

Here, in this post, we will discuss the reasons in detail along with the methods to fix Target Gift Card ‘not working’ problem. With our detailed guide, you would be able to fix the problems on your own.

Fix: Target Gift Card not working

1. Check eligible location

Target is one of the largest retailers in the United States, with over 2000 stores serving the citizens with essential goods and products.

Like any other store, Target also offers its users to buy gift cards that can be redeemed in exchange for the goods and products offered at any Target store.

Well, Target has all its operations in the United States only. And that’s why, for obvious reasons, you can only use a Target gift card in the US.

Moreover, your Target gift card can only be redeemed at the Target store at online or offline store. No other retailers consider Target gift cards as a payment method to purchase the products they offer.

If you are trying to redeem a Target gift card somewhere else, you will see Target gift card ‘not working’ error.

2. Do not buy restricted items

Target e-gift cards can be used for almost anything at the Target store. But, not all products displayed at Target store can be bought using the Target gift card. There are some restrictions on the items that can be purchased using the Target gift card.

And if you are trying to buy the restricted item at the Target store or on the official website, your Target gift card might not work for you.

The simple fix for the issue will be to avoid buying the restricted items on Target. According to the official statement, Target gift cards cannot be used to buy any other type of gift card, whether it is another type of Target branded gift card. Making any payments through your Target gift card is restricted as well.

Here, we will mention all the restricted items/ actions that cannot be purchased/ performed with the Target gift card.

  1. Target gift cards
  2. iTunes gift cards
  3. Specialty gift cards (gaming, restaurants, etc.)
  4. Visa or Mastercard gift cards
  5. American Express gift cards
  6. Make RedCard payment(s)
  7. Minute Clinics services within Target stores
  8. Online Target Optical

For your information, you cannot redeem your Target gift card to purchase at Target Optical at online portal. But, if you are at a Target store, you are free to purchase the products and services using your gift card.

The restriction is only for the Target Optical online store. You will be able to redeem your Target gift card normally at offline or physical stores.

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3. Add more gift cards

We hope you are not trying to buy the restricted item at Target anymore.

When you try to buy any item, you should consider the purchase amount that your gift card can be redeemed for. A particular Target gift card has got a limited amount. And if you try to redeem and buy an item worth more than the gift card limit, you will encounter the Target Gift Card ‘not working’ problem.

In a case like that, you won’t be able to make the purchase. You will either have to link your credit card to make the remaining amount. Or you will be required to add more gift cards to reach the purchase amount of the product.

As some of you may already know, Target allows users to add up to 10 gift cards per purchase. If you are adding 10 gift cards, their worth must be more than or equal to the purchase amount of the products you are trying to buy.

4. Submit correct card details

One of the most common reasons you are getting the Target gift card not working issue is that you are not entering the correct card details.

As you already know, you have to submit two different card details – Card number and Access number.

Target Gift Card not working

And to be able to add your Target gift card as a payment method, you will be required to submit both the details correctly.

Mobile gift cards and e-gift cards are easy to redeem. The user can easily copy-paste the details digitally. Whereas, in the case of physical gift cards, there is a chance of error while submitting the details.

Moreover, the details on the cards can be damaged sometimes. And if you are finding it hard to read the card details from the damaged card, you can get a replacement for that card.

You simply need to call the Target GiftCard team at 1-800-544-2943 and inform them about your damaged card. Be sure to keep the original receipt of the card purchase to yourself.

5. Check Target service status

Sometimes, irrespective of your action, the Target gift card still does not work. The problem can be in the Target gift card redeeming portal. And no matter what you do, a Target gift card still might not work.

There is no way you can fix this problem. The Target engineers have to fix the issue with the servers on their end. The only thing that you can do is wait. Wait till the Target services come back online.

You can keep track of the Target services by keeping checking the status on report tracking websites like Downdetector.com or Isitdownrightnow.com. Both of the websites show you results based on the complaint reports on social media sites.

Another great way to keep track of the services is by following tweets by the official Target Twitter handle.

6. Contact Target support

If Target services are working fine and the problem pertains to you, we will suggest your contact the Target official support and let them know about the issues you are facing.

You can try calling the Target support team at – 1-800-544-2943

You can also try filling up the details at the official support pagecontactus.target.com

7. Get a new Target gift card

If you have tried everything and nothing has worked, we will suggest you get a new card. If your card is damaged, the Target GiftCard might have provided you with a replacement. But, if they haven’t, there is nothing much that can be done now.

There is also a possibility that your Target gift card has already been redeemed. Buying a new gift card is the only way out.


And that’s all for this guidepost, ladies and gentlemen.

Here, in this post, we mentioned all the methods to fix Target Gift Card ‘not working’ issue. We have made sure to include the easiest ways to correct the problem. But, if you need more assistance, you can write to us using the comments section below.

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