(10 Ways) Fix: Lululemon gift card invalid

Is your Lululemon gift card showing ‘invalid’ error?

Are you having issues in using your Lululemon card?

If you nodded in affirmation and looking for the answers, you will be glad to know that, this is the right web page.

Here, we have discussed the reasons why your Lululemon gift card is invalid along with 10 methods to fix the issue.

Why is my Lululemon gift card invalid

Your Lululemon gift card is invalid because your card has already been used, you might be entering the incorrect card details and pin, you might be using multiple gift cards at once, or there could be issues with the merchant website.

There could be many reasons you encounter Lululemon gift card invalid’ problem. Here, in this post, we will be including a detailed guide on how you can fix the problem using basic troubleshooting methods.

So, get started with our guide in the next part of this post.

Fix: Lululemon gift card invalid

Now, that you are ready, let us see the methods to fix Lululemon gift card invalid issue.

1. Pay the entire amount with gift cards only

Lululemon gift cards can be used along with your credit card or debit card to fund your favorite Lulu product. This is one of the features of Lululemon, which is not offered by many platforms out there.

Suppose a user wants to buy a product worth $150 from Lululemon while taking advantage of their $100 gift card. To fund the purchase, they can use both credit or debit cards and gift cards. The remaining $50 will be deducted from their debit or credit card. It is as easy as that.

But, some of the platforms might not support this feature yet and throw the ‘Lululemon gift card invalid’ error on the screen.
In that case, you can try to use your gift card for the purchase, nothing else. If you have a $100 gift card, try buying a product worth equal to or less than $100.

This might have helped, but proceed with the next step if you still face the same issue.

2. Do not add multiple cards

As you already know, Lululemon lets you add more than one card to redeem at once. This is a great feature for the user who has got multiple Lululemon gift cards.

Suppose you want to buy a product with a price tag of $30 using gift cards. And if you have three $10 Lululemon gift cards, you can add and redeem all of them once to buy the product.

But, using this feature can sometimes show an ‘invalid’ error message. And to fix this problem, you might have to avoid using this feature. Well, this is not a fix, but the ‘Lululemon gift card invalid’ error might be appearing because of this particular action.

Try adding and redeeming a single gift card at once.

3. Remove and add gift card again

After you select the product and proceed to the checkout page, you will be asked to enter your gift card details. And on selecting the gift card as a payment method, you will be redirected to a new page.

There you will need to enter the card details as well as the card pin. And if you enter the wrong details, you will see the ‘Lululemon gift card invalid’ error message.

This can be because of the wrong pin or card number entered. To fix this issue, simply remove the card added at the checkout page. Refresh the page once and try entering the details again.

If re-adding your gift card doesn’t work, we will suggest you proceed with the following method.

4. Restart the app

Till now, we have mentioned the basic methods to solve issues with the card. And now, let us see the basic troubleshooting methods to resolve issues with the app and the device.

The very first way to troubleshoot is to restart the shopping app, website, and even the browser.

Sometimes, little glitches in the app or browser might be causing problems with the Lululemon gift card, and that’s the reason why you are encountering a ‘gift card invalid’ issue.

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6. Update the app

If you are shopping on Android or iOS, we will suggest you update your mobile app to the latest version. The developers keep releasing updates regularly to patch bugs and glitches in the app.

If you are not using the latest version of the shopping app, there is a high probability you will keep seeing the problem in redeeming your Lululemon gift card.

Visit the respective app store on your Android and iOS devices to fix this issue. Search for the shopping app or the browser you are using to redeem the Lululemon gift card and hit the ‘Update’ button if it appears.

Skip to the next part if you have auto-updates turned on.

7. Reboot your device

Restarting the app data on your device and simple resolve some little existing glitches. But, sometimes, you might need to reboot your device as well.

Rebooting or restarting your mobile or PC will refresh the data occupied by the RAM. And after your device is ready to work again, you can try redeeming your gift card.

And hopefully, everything will work fine, and you will be able to purchase the product after having your Lululemon gift card redeemed.

With this method, we are wrapping up the basic troubleshooting guide. If the issue pertains, we suggest you proceed with the next step.

8. Contact Lululemon support

Till now, we have provided almost every possible way to fix ‘Lululemon gift card invalid’ issue. But, if you are still on the same page and facing the same problem with the Lululemon gift card, we suggest you contact the official support team.

Try contacting the Lululemon support team and asking them for assistance. If you bought a physical card, you would find the contact details on the back of the card. And if you have the e-gift card, try finding the contact details in the same email you received.

Other methods to contact Lululemon support team –

Lululemon Live Chat – Chat Now

Lululemon Telephone – 1-877-263-9300

Lululemon Email Form – Email Form

9. Contact the merchant

Contacting Lulu must have worked, but if you did not get the expected solutions from the team, we would suggest you contact the online merchant for assistance. There can be issues from their end.

Visit the official website and search for the contact section. You will find the phone number or email address to contact the support team. Choose any of the methods and contact the team.

10. Try adding a different card

Well, we have discussed nine ways by which you can fix the ‘Lululemon gift card invalid’ problem. We are pretty sure any one of the methods will have fixed the issue, but if you are still here, there is one last thing that can be done.

For the last method, you can try adding a new card and redeeming it to check if everything is working fine on your end.

And if the new card doesn’t work as well, you can let the Lululemon support team know about it and get the required assistance. You can even ask for a refund for the gift card.


Allows us to wrap this article right here, ladies and gentlemen.

We first mentioned why your Lululemon gift card shows an invalid error message on the checkout page.

And later in this post, we provided all the possible methods to fix ‘Lululemon gift card invalid’ issue.

We have tried our best to include easy-to-implement methods, but if you need help with any of the plans, feel free to ask us in the comments section below.

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