(6 ways) Fix: Lululemon gift card not working (online)

Unable to use Lululemon gift card?

Are you finding issues in redeeming Lululemon gift card?

Are you having issues in purchasing goods from a store using Lululemon gift card?

If you are having problems with Lululemon gift card and finding answers to these questions, you have found the right web page.

In this post, we will be providing you with the possible reasons why the Lululemon gift card is not working for you, along with the methods to solve the issue.

So, if you are ready to know more about the guide, let us dive right into the details now.

Why is Lululemon gift card not working

Lululemon gift card is not working because you might be entering incorrect card details; sometimes, the store might not support gift card as a payment method. You might be using it at concession stores (shop-in-shops) like – Harrods, Selfridges, Le Bon Marché, and or Brown Thomas. Lululemon gift card is not accepted at concession stores.

Do not worry, if you are having a hard time with your Lululemon gift card. Here, in our detailed guide we have provided the methods to fix Lululemon gift card ‘not working’ problem.

Fix: Lululemon gift card not working

Now that you have an idea why Lululemon gift card is not working you, let us see the ways to fix this problem.

Proceed with the first method and if the problem pertains, move to the next method.

1. Check eligible countries

Lululemon is a popular brand, but the gift card offered by the company cannot be used everywhere in the world. And if the Lululemon gift card is not working for you, there is a possibility you are trying to redeem it in a country where Lululemon doesn’t offer services or needs special gift cards.

So, what does special Lululemon gift card mean?

Well, if you received Lululemon gift card in the US, Canada, or anywhere else, you won’t be able to redeem the gift card in countries like – Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, and UAE.

And if you want to offer someone Lululemon gift card in regions like – China, Mexico, Dubai, and Qatar, you will have to buy the card from the same region, or the user won’t be able to use it.

For China, Mexico, Dubai, and Qatar, Lululemon gift card can only be redeemed in the specific region they were bought. So, if you own a Dubai-based Lululemon gift card, you cannot redeem it in the US and vice versa.

One must also know that Lululemon gift cards are non-refundable. The company claims that the gift cards cannot be refunded if damaged or stolen, just like any national currency.

2. Add another gift card

As you already know, a single gift card is worth a limited amount of money. The exact amount can be seen on the card as well. If the gift card is received in the email, the details like the amount can be observed very easily.

If you are trying to buy something by redeeming your Lululemon gift card and the amount cannot be paid entirely using a single gift card, you might have to add another gift card.

According to Lululemon, one can combine up to five Lululemon gift cards to pay for the goods on any offline or online store. And other than a gift card, users can even use their credit card to pay the remaining amount.

For instance, if you are trying to buy a sweatshirt with a price tag of $30 using a $10 Lululemon gift card, you can choose to pay the remaining $20 using your credit card. And if you can arrange three $10 Lululemon gift cards, you can pay the entire amount using all of your gift cards only.

3. Check supporting stores

Lululemon products can be bought directly from the official Lululemon website and other supporting offline and online stores. Well, you can buy your favorite Lululemon product from most of the stores, but for obvious reasons, not all stores will have the Lululemon products in their inventory.

Moreover, not all stores selling Lululemon products will support Lululemon gift card as a payment method at the checkout. The offline or online store might support other gift cards like Amazon, but not Lululemon gift cards.

So, even if you enter the correct card details and the pin, the Lululemon gift card might not work as it is not supported by the store.

According to the official Lululemon blog post, concession stores (shop-in-shops) such as Harrods, Selfridges, Le Bon Marché, and or Brown Thomas do not accept gift cards by Lululemon.

4. Submit correct card details

Lululemon gift cards can be received as both physical card and digital card in the email inbox. The procedure to use both types of cards is the same.

You need to visit the offline or online store and choose a gift card during the checkout page. And if the store accepts Lululemon gift card, you will get the option to submit card details.

You will be redirected to a new page where you will need to enter details like the gift card number as well as the pin. And you will only be able to redeem the gift card if you enter the correct card number and the pin, just like any other gift card.

This is a very common issue and if Lululemon gift card is not working for you, try entering the gift card number again carefully.

5. Check Lululemon service status

You might observe issues in redeeming your Lululemon gift card even if you are doing everything okay and the store support the card.

Sometimes, small issues and glitches in the server might cause a specific service to show an error. So, if the Lululemon gift card is not working, the root of the issue can be from the company’s end.

In cases like these, users cannot do anything but observe the service status of Lululemon services.

You can keep an eye on Google News and the official Twitter handle of Lululemon, where you can check the tweets about the server status.

Lululemon Twitter handle – Visit Now

6. Contact Lululemon support

Well, till now, we have mentioned almost every possible reason and method to fix the problem with Lululemon gift cards. We hope you are done trying each and every method we discussed above.

But, if the issue pertains, we will suggest you contact Lululemon support once.

First of all, if you have a physical gift card, you will see the possible way to contact the support team at the back of the same card. If you received the gift card through email, you would find the contact method at the bottom of the same page.

Don’t worry if you cannot find the method to contact. We are going to mention some required links below.

Lululemon Live Chat – Chat Now

Lululemon Telephone – 1-877-263-9300

Lululemon Email Form – Email Form


1. Lululemon gift card balance not working

Lululemon gift card balance is not working because you might be submitting the wrong card details like card number and pin. You might be using the card on a non-participating store, or there could be an issue with Lululemon services outage.


We will wrap this post now. Here, we first discussed the possible reasons why Lululemon gift card is not working for you.

In the second part of the post, we discussed 6 methods to fix Lululemon gift card not working problem. The guide uses easy-to-understand language, but you can let us know if you need any kind of assistance in the comments section below.

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