Why is my Order canceled but payment taken Klarna

Why is my Order canceled but payment taken Klarna

Many individuals nowadays prefer to do their shopping online, since this method has grown in popularity over the last several years. Yet, there are situations in which Klarna will process a purchase even after a cancellation request has been sent for an order. For consumers who aren’t sure what’s going on, this is likely to … Read more

Why is my Debit/Credit MasterCard not Working Online

Why is my DebitCredit MasterCard not Working Online

Ever tried to make an online purchase with your MasterCard only to discover that it wouldn’t go through? It may be frustrating and difficult, particularly if you need to make a quick payment or buy something important. You may be unable to use your card online for several reasons, including but not limited to inadequate … Read more

Fix: Truist Mobile Deposit not Working

Fix Truist Mobile Deposit not Working

With Truist‘s mobile banking app, customers may use their phones as check depositories. The mobile deposit option on Truist may be convenient, although customers have reported occasional problems. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the most frequent issues that might prevent you from making a mobile deposit with Truist and provide … Read more

Why won’t my Credit Card work on Venmo

Why won’t my Credit Card work on Venmo

Over 40 million users worldwide have found the P2P payments software Venmo helpful in streamlining their monetary transactions. You could have run into the problem where your credit card doesn’t function with Venmo if you’re one of the thousands of individuals that use Venmo along with their credit cards. We’ve laid out the problem’s origins … Read more

[Fix] Why did Klarna charge you Twice

Klarna charged Twice

With the rapid onset of Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) services in the mainstream, you can use them to pay for anything in this world. Even if one store doesn’t accept it, another store will accept it and you can buy an item there. Klarna is one such BNPL service. And sometimes Klarna users have … Read more