(10 Reasons) TD Visa Debit card Not Working Online

Is your TD Visa debit car not working online?

If you are having issues using your TD debit card online, you have landed on the right page.

Here we have provided the reasons why your TD Visa debit card is not working online.

So, let’s get started.

Why is my TD visa debit card not working online

There can be multiple reasons why TD Visa debit card is not working online, such as you have not enabled the online transactions on your card, card limit has reached, insufficient funds, card type not accepted, international transactions not enabled, or there could be server/technical issues.

NOTE: In this guide, we have only covered why the TD debit card is not working online. If the card is getting declined in brick and mortar stores, there can be several other reasons for that.

TD visa debit card

1. Card disabled for online transactions

The first reason your TD Visa debit card is not working online could be that the card is disabled for online transactions.

Most cards have disabled online transactions or have a very low spending limit activated by default.

To make sure, your card is enabled for online transactions; you can log in to your net banking and enable it there or contact the bank support.

2. Incorrect card details

Another reason your card is not working online could be the wrong details and credentials.

It could be that you have entered the wrong card number or entered the wrong pin.

Also, make sure that you are entering the right CVV number.

Moreover, if you are asked to enter your name, enter your official name (Cardholder’s name), the same associated with your card.

3. Card type may not be accepted

Another reason the TD Visa debit card is not working online could be that the merchant where you are using the card does not accept the TD card or Visa cards.

So, make sure that the merchant you are shopping with accepts the type of card you have.

4. Card limit reached

There are limits associated with debit cards and credit cards for every type of transaction.

There are different limits for different types of transactions, such as online transactions, tap and pay (contactless) transactions, ATM withdrawal, international transactions, etc.

Apart from these, there may be other daily, weekly, or monthly transaction limits associated with your card.

So, when using the card, make sure that you have not exhausted or reached your card’s limit.

To check the limits associated with the card, you can log in to your net banking and adjust them there.

5. Declined for fraudulent transactions

Your transaction might have been detected as a suspicious one, which could be why your TD Visa debit card is not working or getting declined.

In some cases, banks set a security measure that prevents your card from being misused online.

So when you enter your card details on websites, your card prevents you from carrying out the transaction.

So you are required to contact your bank and verify that you are yourself authorizing the transaction. Then the transaction is processed.

6. International merchant

Suppose you use your card for international transactions such as buying a software or product or sending payment on PayPal to a friend abroad. In that case, it might get declined if your international transactions are not enabled.

To enable your international transactions, you can log in to your TD net banking and allow the international transactions or contact the bank support.

7. Expired Card

Moving forward, another reason the TD debit card is getting declined online could be that the card is expired, and you aren’t aware of it.

All types of cards, whether it is a debit card, credit card or gift card, all of them have an expiry date.

Most of the cards have their expiry date printed on them. So, get your card and check its expiry date.

If the expiry date is not printed on the card, you can contact your bank support or check it online via net banking.

In case the card is expired, you can contact the bank to order a replacement card for yourself.

8. Card blocked/frozen

Another reason the TD debit card is not working could that TD might have closed your bank account or blocked the card only.

In the scenario, they might have notified you via email or text about why they are doing this.

So, check your email or text and ensure that your account or card is not blocked, closed, or frozen by the bank itself.

9. Server issues

Another reasons, the card is not working online could be the server issues of bank or merchant side.

So, it always a good idea to know whether the problem lies from your end or from the server side.

That being said, you can visit the downdetector page for TD and check its server status. Here you can check the number of users reports and comments. If these are significant, it means servers are having issues.

If there are server issues, you would like to wait till the servers get back to normal.

In case the servers are working fine, there might be other issues as explained above in the guide.

10. Technical issue with merchant

Lastly, if the servers are also working fine and the TD card is still not working or getting declined online, there could be some technical issues either from your side or the merchant side.

It could be that the merchant where you are using your card is experiencing some issues with their payment system or other technical difficulties.


So, that all for now guys. I hope after getting through this article, you were able to figure out why your TD Visa debit card was not working.

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