[Fix] Why did Klarna charge you Twice

Klarna charged Twice

With the rapid onset of Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) services in the mainstream, you can use them to pay for anything in this world. Even if one store doesn’t accept it, another store will accept it and you can buy an item there. Klarna is one such BNPL service. And sometimes Klarna users have … Read more

Does Klarna ship after the first payment

Does Klarna ship after the first payment

Does Klarna guarantee prompt delivery of your purchases? Will Klarna send your order once you’ve made the first payment? Here you’ll find all the information you need regarding Klarna’s shipping and payment policies, so you can shop with confidence. All of these questions, in addition to a few more, have been answered in this article. … Read more

Klarna payment in progress: Reasons & Solutions

Klarna payment in progress

While using Klarna, do your payments get stuck? Do you get the Klarna “payment in progress” error message? If that’s the case, then your search for solutions might end right here. The Klarna ‘payment in progress’ problem might have several causes, and we’ve highlighted those causes and solutions for you. But first, let’s figure out what … Read more

Does Klarna accept GO2bank

Does Klarna accept GO2bank

Want to know whether Klarna and GO2bank are compatible? Wondering whether Klarna accepts your preferred mode of payment? In this article, we cover all of these topics and more. Make sure you read to the end of the article to get the answers. What forms of payment does Klarna accept? Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Maestro, and Discover … Read more

Fix: Klarna ‘Unfortunately this option is not available. Please choose a different payment method’

Fix Klarna ‘Unfortunately this option is not available

When you try to check out using Klarna, do you see the message “Unfortunately this option is not available, please choose a different payment method?” If that’s the case, you may relax since you’ve landed at the right place. We hope that our breakdown of what went wrong and how to solve it will be useful. … Read more

Why I am getting Venmo ‘Something went wrong getting your bank accounts’

Venmo 'Something went wrong getting your bank accounts'

Do you receive an error notice in Venmo stating ‘Something went wrong getting your bank accounts’? If you find yourself puzzling about the aforementioned questions, you have come to the right page. In this comprehensive tutorial, we will explain why you may have seen the “Something went wrong getting your bank accounts” message in Venmo … Read more