(4 Methods) How to convert eBay Gift Card to cash in 2022

Do you have a spare eBay gift card?

Are you finding ways to convert your eBay gift card to cash?

Well, here in this post, we are going to share all the required details along with methods to convert eBay gift cards to cash.

Let’s dive right into the details now.

Can you convert eBay gift card to cash

No, you cannot convert eBay gift card to cash, but there are some workarounds. eBay considers the gift card equivalent to cash which can only be used to buy products on eBay platform. The gift card cannot be exchanged to get a refund and converted to cash in general scenarios.

eBay also mentions that gift cards can only be exchanged and refunded in special scenarios. If there is a legit error occurred that affected the gift card redemption, there are chances that you will get a refund from the company.

According to the official statement by eBay, if the user reports a stolen or lost card, they will be able to get a replacement for their gift card purchase. And for obvious reasons, the user will be expected to provide their purchase receipt and gift card number as proof.

The statement goes without saying that if the gift card is redeemed after it is reported lost and stolen, eBay won’t be able to provide a replacement for the same. If the stolen or lost card is used by anyone, eBay won’t replace the card if it is not required by the law.

If there are no issues with the eBay system and the gift card is not faulty, you won’t get any refund or a new gift card in exchange until and unless the order has been given by the law or an authoritative government institution.

How to convert eBay Gift Card to cash (workaround)

Now that you know eBay won’t let you convert their gift card to cash if it’s not been ordered by the law, let us see if there are other ways to get cash in exchange for your eBay card.

Before you proceed, we would like you to know that we will be talking about workarounds here. No unethical medium or procedure will be discussed here. If you are worried, let us assure you that there is nothing you will be risking here. All methods are legit and ethical. We won’t ask you to root or jailbreak your Android or iPhone device.

1. Trade eBay gift card at kiosk for cash

You can easily trade your eBay gift card at kiosk services for cash. You just need to locate a kiosk service near you. These are generally located at the major grocery stores, outlets and malls. Some of the kiosks offer services to exchange gift card for cash.

Whereas some kiosks like Coinstar Exchange offer the voucher in exchange for the gift card you submit. These vouchers do not have the exact value as your gift card, and you will generally get 60% to 80% of the value of your eBay gift card.

These vouchers can be used at certain stores. Yes, we know you wouldn’t be able to exchange the eBay gift card for cash at all the locations, but even if you get the voucher of the almost same value, the whole purpose of exchanging the gift card can be fulfilled.

At some locations, the kiosk services offer not only cash but also the Visa gift card in exchange for the eBay gift card.

2. Trade it for Love2Shop gift card

You surely cannot convert eBay Gift Card to cash, but if you can exchange it for a Love2Shop gift card, you can easily get the most out of your eBay gift card.

Shoutout to Love2Shop and similar platforms, which allow users to exchange their Love2Shop card for a different branded gift card.
eBay gift cards, as you already know, can only be redeemed on the eBay platform. But, if you somehow trade your eBay gift card for a Love2Shop gift card, you will be able to exchange it for any of the popular branded gift cards.

Love2Shop platform supports more than 30 popular brands that include Amazon, Nike, Uber Eats. Select the brand, and you will receive a brand new gift card that you can redeem to shop at your favourite brand.

convert eBay Gift Card love2shop

Love2Shop is indeed a great online platform to exchange gift cards for different branded gift cards easily, but it is available in the UK only.

If you are a user outside the UK, we will suggest you try different Kiosk services to exchange your eBay gift card for a different branded card like a Target gift card.

3. Sell your eBay gift card

Well, if you are finding it hard to trade or exchange your eBay gift card, another option you are left with is to sell your eBay gift card in exchange for money.

The best is to sell the card to someone you know. If your friend is planning to order products from eBay, they can redeem the gift card and use the balance to buy the product.

But, if none of your friends is interested in buying your eBay gift card, you can sell it to someone else.

Generally, there are platforms where you can sell your eBay gift card. And just to grab the attention of the buyers, you must make a good offer. No one will be buying your $10 eBay gift in exchange for $10 cash. You can list your $10 gift card for $8 or $9.

There are some other platforms too. You can list and sell your eBay gift card on CardCash, Cardpool, Raise, and eBay itself.

4. Sell items bought using eBay gift card

We have already discussed three possible ways to convert eBay gift card to cash. This last method won’t help you get the direct cash, but it will get the job done.

If you cannot sell your eBay gift card, you can buy products using your gift card and sell those products on an ecommerce website.

As you can tell, gadgets like headphones, accessories, gaming mice, earbuds, etc., could be the best choice when it comes to resale value. Try it!


And that’s pretty much all, ladies and gentlemen. Here, in this post, we first discussed if it is possible to convert eBay gift card to cash. In the second part of the article, we mentioned the possible workaround to get cash in exchange of eBay gift card.