How to redeem eBay gift card on Paypal (Workarounds)

Do you have an extra eBay gift card?

Are you finding ways to redeem eBay gift card on Paypal?

Well, if you are searching for answers, we have all of them here. And in this post, you are going to find all the answers along with other important details.

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Can you redeem eBay gift card on Paypal

No, you cannot redeem eBay gift card on Paypal. eBay gift cards can only be redeemed at eBay website. Moreover, Paypal only supports Visa, American Express, MasterCard, and Discover branded gift cards.

You cannot redeem eBay gift card on Paypal directly, but there is a workaround. If you can exchange your eBay gift card for a participating brand gift card, you can easily redeem the gift card and add amount to your Paypal account.

In this article, we will be discussing the workarounds/ methods using which you can get a new Paypal supported gift card.

How to redeem eBay gift card on Paypal (Workaround)

As we mentioned previously, you cannot redeem eBay gift card on Paypal directly. But, there are some workarounds if you need your eBay gift card exchanged for a Paypal balance.

Before you proceed, make sure your eBay has not been redeemed or used earlier. Even if you have used it once, you must know the current value of the gift card, which can be checked very easily.

1. Exchange eBay gift card to supporting gift card

Paypal is a popular payment platform that is recognized around the world. But, Paypal still supports credit and debit card from – Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover only.

And the same goes when it comes to a gift card. If you have a gift card from any of these brands, you can easily redeem them on Paypal and get the amount added to your Paypal account.

eBay branded gift card can only be redeemed on the eBay e-commerce platform. To use eBay gift card at Paypal, you will have to exchange your gift card for VisaMasterCardAmerican Express, or Discover branded gift card.

We will suggest you only exchange gift cards, which are considered equivalent to cash, with someone you already know. Someone from your family and friends. By dealing with someone you don’t know, you might be risking yourself being a fraud.

Once you receive a supporting gift card, you can redeem it to your Paypal account.

2. Trade eBay gift card for cash

Well, if you cannot exchange your eBay gift card for a supporting card, you can trade it for cash. And the cash can be used to buy an American Express, Discover, Visa, or MasterCard-powered gift card.

Before you ask, let us discuss how you can trade your eBay gift card for cash.

The best method to get cash in exchange for eBay gift card is by using kiosk services. Locate a kiosk at a nearby grocery store, mall, or supermarket.

You must know that not all kiosk services will offer cash in exchange for your eBay gift card. So, before you proceed, confirm if the kiosk that you visited offers cash or vouchers in exchange for the card.

Do not expect to get 100% of the value of your eBay gift card. When you exchange your eBay gift card for cash, you get a lower percentage of the original value. Actually, the value of the card depends, but it is generally between 60% to 80% of the actual value.

3. Exchange eBay gift card for Paypal transaction

It can be hard to locate a kiosk where you can sell your eBay gift card. And if the method mentioned above looks impossible to implement, the other way is to exchange your eBay gift card for Paypal transaction.

Well, for obvious reasons, you will need to know someone who can pay you on Paypal for the exchange of your gift card.

4. Sell your eBay gift card

If you are unable to implement any of those methods, the last option left is to sell your eBay gift card for cash. And again, this cash can be used to redeem an eBay gift card on Paypal.

The best to sell your eBay gift card is on eBay itself. You need to log in to a seller account and list your eBay gift card. To sell it at the earliest, we will suggest you list it at a lower price.

The lower the price, the more people would be interested in buying your card. Do not set the selling price at a very low price. The selling price must get you at least 80% – 90% of the cost price.


And that’s pretty much all, ladies and gents. There might not be an official way to redeem eBay gift card on Paypal, as there are only a few gift card brands that are supported by Paypal.

But, there are some workarounds, and we have discussed all possible ways here.

If you face any issues, you can let us know in the comments section below.