(13 Reasons) Wells Fargo card not working

Are you not able to use our Wells Fargo card?

Is your Wells Fargo debit card/credit card not working?

If you are having issues using your Wells Fargo card, you have landed on the right page. This post explains all you need to know about why your Wells Fargo card may not work.

So, let’s get started.

Why is my Wells Fargo card not working

There can be multiple reasons why your Wells Fargo debit card or credit card is not working, such as your account does not have enough funds, you haven’t activated your card, you are entering the wrong pin, your card is expired, your transaction is detected as a suspicious one, there can be server issues or your account has been closed or banned.

Below, we have explained all the possible reasons why your Wells Fargo card is not working or getting declined.

Wells Fargo card not working

1. Insufficient funds

The first and foremost reason your Wells Fargo card is getting declined is insufficient funds to cover the pending transaction.

Even if you have more than enough money in your account to cover the transaction, there are a number of reasons that you don’t have access to all of your funds. For example, if you recently deposited a check, all the funds may not be immediately available to you.

Another possibility is that certain transactions are not immediately closed out. Common ones include restaurant checks, gas station fuel dispensers, hotel check-ins, and rental vehicles.

A hold is placed on the funds in your account for the estimated amount of the total transaction or a fixed amount to cover the largest typical transaction.

2. You haven’t activated the card

If you have recently ordered or got a new Wells Fargo card and started using is directly, and it is not working or getting declined than the reason is that you haven’t activated the card.

Most debit and credit cards have to be activated before you can use them. 

To activate the card, you can call your bank, visit the ATM, or activate it through internet banking.

Also, some card needs to be activated separately for online transactions. 

This means even if your card is working in brick and mortar stores, it might not work online because online transactions are not activated or enabled yet.

So, make sure to activate your card for online transactions by logging into your net banking.

3. Transaction limit reached

Whether it be a debit card or credit card, every card has a transaction limit associated with it.

This limit is different for different types of transactions such as shopping, online transactions, contactless card transactions, international transfer limit, etc.

So, if you are using your Wells Fargo card for a transaction that exceeds the transaction limit, the card will get declined or will not work.

You can set or adjust the transaction limits for each type of payment by logging into your Wells Fargo net banking or mobile banking.

To view your card’s purchase and ATM withdrawal daily dollar limits, you can:

    1. Sign on to Wells Fargo Online.
    2. Select Card details for your card.
    3. Find your daily limits.

4. You are using the card for international transactions

Suppose you use your card for international transactions such as buying a software or product or sending payment on PayPal to a friend abroad. In that case, it might get declined if your international transactions are not enabled.

To enable your international transactions, you can log in to your Wells Fargo net banking and allow the international transactions or contact the bank support.

5. Wrong pin

Moving forward, another reason for the card getting declined or not working could be the wrong credentials.

If you are using the card at an ATM, you might be entering the wrong pin, and that’s why it is getting declined.

If you are using it online or at a place where the card details such as its 16-digit number, CVV number, cardholder name, and other details as asked, you might be entering any of these details wrong.

So, make sure you enter the correct details, especially the 16-digit number and the cardholder name (the name associated with the card, not your nickname or anything)

6. Expired card

Another reason your Wells Fargo credit card or debit card not working could be that your card has been expired, and you aren’t aware of it.

Most of the cards have their expiry date printed on them, so check that your card hasn’t expired.

Your bank also notifies you via SMS or email when your card is going to expire.

7. Suspected fraud

Your transaction might have been detected as a suspicious one and that could be the reason your card is not working or getting declined.

In some cases, banks set a security measure that prevents your card from being misused online.

So when you enter your card details on websites, your card prevents you from carrying out the transaction.

So you are required to contact your bank and verify that you are yourself authorizing the transaction. Then the transaction is processed.

8. You have deactivated your card

If you have temporarily deactivated your card for some reason or lost or misplaced your card but later found it, it could be the reason it’s not working now.

If you have deactivated the card for any reason, you will need to activate it before you can use it again.

9. Server issues

Moving on, another reason the Wells Fargo card is not working could be the server issues.

It’s always a good idea to confirm whether the issue lies from your end or the client’s side.

If the servers of the Wells Fargo are down or having trouble, there isn’t much you can do to rather than waiting till the servers get fixed or contacting the support channels.

That being said, you can check the server status of Wells Fargo online for free.

We would suggest visiting the downdetector page for Wells Fargo. Here check the users reports and comments, if the number of reports are significant, it means servers are having issues.

Wells Fargo servers down

In this case, we would recommend waiting till the servers gets fixed.

10. ATM isn’t working

If you are using your Wells Fargo card at an ATM to withdraw cash and the card is not working, then the reason could be that ATM is out of funds or facing other technical issues.

In this case, you can try using the card at any other ATM. If another ATM works, then it’s not the ATM, but your card or account is having issues.

11. Damaged card

Another reason for card not working or getting declined could be that the card itself is damaged.

Debit/credit card consists of microchips. These chips contain all your data; your card will not work if it gets damaged.

High temperature, corrosive chemicals, and high magnetic fields are some of the factors that can affect the card’s microchip.

So, if your card is damaged, it won’t work at any swipe machine. In this case, you can request a replacement for the card from your bank.

12. Merchant is having technical issues

Moving on, your Wells Fargo card may not also work if the merchant where you are using your card is having some technical issues.

Now, if you are using your card online, the merchants’ website might have some server problems or issues, particularly with the payment methods.

On the other hand, if you are using your Wells Fargo card at a brick-and-mortar store, and it’s not working, there could be other issues such as the card swipe machine having trouble connecting to the server, or it might be faulty.

13. Your account is closed

Lastly, your Wells Fargo card may not work because Wells Fargo might have closed your bank account or blocked the card only.

In the scenario, they might have notified you via email or text about why they are doing this.

So, check your email or text and ensure that your account or card is not blocked, closed, or frozen by the bank itself.


Wells Fargo is one of the largest banks in America that operates in 35 countries with over 70 million customers globally.

Wells Fargo offers several financial services, including several types of debit and credit cards.

Well, sometimes you might have face issues while using your Wells Fargo debit card which might be due to several reasons, as detailed above in the post.

So, that’s all for now, folks. After reading this post, we hope you were able to know why your Wells Fargo debit card or credit card was not working.

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