(6 Reasons) Capital One available credit not updating

Is your available credits not updating?

Are your Capital One available credit not updating even when you have paid on time?

If this is the issue you are facing with your Capital One credit card, you have landed on the right place. Here in this post, we have provided all the reasons why your Capital One credit credits are not updating.

So, let’s get started.

Why is my available credit not updating Capital One

Your Capital One credit card available credits are not updating because your last payment was larger than usual, your account is new, you are paying the bill from a new account, there is a hold on the account, payment hasn’t simply yet, etc.

Below, we have explained all the possible reasons in detail why your Capital One available credits may not update.

Capital One credit card

1. Latest payment was larger than usual

The first and the foremost reasons why your Capital One available credits aren’t updating even when you have made the complete payment could that your latest payment was larger than usual.

Some user in the past have shared that

A Capital One rep. informed that because my latest payment was larger than usual, they needed me to call in and verify some things.

Everything is good, and I just used my card.

So, if you have also made a payment larger than usual, you might also need to contact the Capital One representative to confirm some things and get updated your credits.

2. Your account is new

If you have a new account or the issued credit card is new, then also you might face issues with your available credits.

The available credit for new credits cards may usually take a bit longer to update, especially when you have paid the payment for the first time as bank or card issuer need to confirm certain thing before making credits available to you.

If this is the case, you would like to wait a for a couple of hours or even a few days till your credits get updated.

3. Paying from a new bank account

Another reasons your Capital Once available credits are not updating could be that you have used a new bank account or debit card to pay the credit card bill.

If you were using the same bank account or debit card to pay the credit bill, but made the recent payment with a new bank account or credit, it might cause the delay.

When you make the credit card payment with a new account, the card issuer might require some additional time to confirm your payment and to make update your available credits.

4. Late payment

Another reasons for the available credits not updating could the late payments.

If your credit history is good, and you make one late payment of your credit, the card provider company may report it to the credit reporting agency.

But, if keep making the late payments, your card might get blocked or put on administrative hold.

To avoid late payments, you can set up the auto-pay, so that the payment can be deducted from your checking account automatically on or before the due date, and sent to the card company via electronic funds transfer.

5. Hold on the account

Moving forward, another reason your account Capital One available credits are not updating even after you have completed the payment could that your credit card or account is on hold.

If you go over your credit limit, a hold may be placed on the card to prevent you from using it.

So, if this is the case, you will need to contact the support to remove the hold on your credit card.

To avoid hold on your credit card in the future, you can set up an alert with the credit card provide, so it will let you know if you are about to go over your credit limit.

6. Payment simply hasn’t posted yet.

Another reasons could be that the payment made by you have not been posted or registered by the card issuer.

If the payment isn’t received by the Capital One, there is no chance your available credits will get updated.

Before anything else, make sure to check if the payment has been posted to First Premier.

To check the status, Login to your Capital One net banking, go to the card section and check the details like Outstanding Amount, Remaining Credit and the Unbilled Amount.

If the current credit card status shows the Unbilled Amount to be zero, it means your payment has been posted. All you have to do it wait for a couple of days.

If you paid through any offline methods like mailing a check, it may take around a week for the Capital One to registered that payment and only after your available credit will be updated


Q1. How do I make a Capital One credit card payment?

Capital One credit card payment can be made online, by phone, through the Capital One mobile app, by mail or at a branch. To make payment online, login to your net banking account and go to the ‘Make a payment’ section, choose the card and make the payment. You can also set up autopay.

Q2. How long does it take for available credit to update Capital One?

It may take somewhere between 1-3 days to update the available credits once you pay your credit card bill online or on the phone.


We would recommend you to wait up to 3 days once you make the credit card payment, so that your available credits can get updated.

If it’s over 3 days and still your available credits are not updating, you can contact your credit card provider and know the exact reasons why your available credits are not updated.

So, that’s all guys. I hope you were able to figure out Why your credits were not updating after reading this post.

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