Methods to Fix: Amex Safekey not working (2022)

Are you having issues in making payments with your Amex credit card?

Is Amex Safekey not working for you?

Well, if you nodded in affirmation, you will be glad to know that in this post we have provided answers to all that question. We have also included methods using which you can fix issues with Amex Safekey on your own.

So, if you are ready to learn more, let us dive right into the details.

Why is Amex Safekey not working

Amex Safekey is not working because you are entering the wrong 3CSC or OTC, you are using expired OTC, or your contact details are outdated to receive a new OTC.

Several users ask why Amex Safekey is not working for them and the possible methods to fix the issue. Well, here, in this post, we will be including all the ways by which you can fix the Amex safekey ‘not working’ problem.

So, if you are ready, let us dive right into the details.

Fix: Amex Safekey not working

1. Enter correct OTC

The very common reason why your Amex Safekey is not working is that you are entering the wrong OTC (or One-Time Code).

To make the transaction safe, Amex Safekey comes with an extra security line where users can only proceed to complete the transaction after they submit the OTC when they select an American Express card as a payment method.

So, if someone, who has your card, associated details, and even the PIN, they won’t be able to use your Amex card for making the transaction if they cannot submit the OTC. And OTC is only sent to the owner’s registered contact details.

But, if you entered the wrong OTC, your transaction will be denied. And you will be asked to enter the OTC again.

Caution: On entering the wrong OTC multiple times, the company will lock your card for security purposes.

2. Complete transaction within validity

American Express Safekey’s OTC or One-Time Code system is a great way to make transactions safe as it gives complete control of the transaction to the owner’s hand. The OTC is sent to the user’s phone number, and it has to be submitted during the transaction procedure.

One more thing that has to be considered is the validity of the One Time Code provided by the company. You cannot use the OTC which has been provided for a particular transaction after 10 minutes of its arrival.

OTC for a transaction is valid only for 10 minutes. And if you cannot complete your transaction within that period, you will see the Amex Safekey ‘not working’ issue.

And the solution is quite obvious. Complete your transaction within 10 minutes of the arrival of OTC. And if you can’t, you will be required to start the entire transaction procedure again.

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3. Submit correct 3CSC

Well, OTC is the basic line of security of Safekey, but Amex goes one step further with the 3CSC. 3CSC is nothing but a three-digit Card Security Code which is a little different from One-Time Code. OTC is a dynamic code, which is generated every time a transaction request is made, whereas the three-digit Card Security Code can be found on the back of the Amex card.

Sometimes, along with the OTC, you can be asked to submit a three-digit Card Security Code (3CSC). It is an advanced security feature, which further ensures a secure transaction. You might not always be asked to provide your 3CSC, buy you have to be ready.

If you enter an incorrect 3CSC, you will see the Amex safekey ‘not working’ issue. And you will be asked to make the entire transaction procedure again.

4. Update your details submitted

As you already know, as a part of the Safekey feature, Team Amex sends OTC to the user’s phone number and/or email address. The contact details are the ones that have already been submitted by the user while creating their Amex account or registering for Amex card services.

What if the contact details are outdated?

If you have changed your phone number and email address, you won’t receive OTC from the Amex team, and Amex Safekey won’t be working, which simply means no transaction possible through your Amex card.

Before Amex sends you the OTC, you will be shown the last few digits of your registered phone number. This is a great way to recognize if the registered number is active or not.

If the number is not active, you must update your contact details on Amex. Below, we will be providing a quick guide on how you can update your contact details.

  1. On your PC, or mobile browser visit the official website link.
  2. Go to ‘Update Contact Details’ section

If you are unable to update the contact details yourself, you can ask the American Express team for assistance. Simply use the number on the back of the card to contact the support team.

After making sure that you have submitted the correct and active contact details, you can try making the transaction again using your Amex branded card.

5. Contact Amex support team

We have provided almost every possible reason as well as a fix for the problem with the Amex Safekey issue. But, if you couldn’t resolve the issue and it still appears, we will suggest you contact the Amex support team.

You can call customer service at 1-800-505-6849.

The American Express support team can also be contacted through their official Twitter handle – Official Twitter handle.


We will be wrapping this post now.

Here, we have included five methods to fix Amex safekey not working issue. You will also find the possible reasons for the problem.

If you have any queries regarding the procedure, feel free to ask us in the comments section below.

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