How to Fix PC Mastercard tap not working (2022)

Are you having issues with you PC Mastercard?

Is PC Mastercard tap-to-pay feature not working?

Well, if you facing these issues, you have reached the right web page. Here, in this post, we will be discussing the possible ways to fix PC Mastercard tap ‘not working’ issue.

If you are having a hard time using your PC Mastercard, make sure you check our article.

Why is PC Mastercard tap not working

PC Mastercard tap is not working because you have exhausted your Tap to Pay limit, there could be a lack of funds, the merchant doesn’t have compatible POS, maybe the card is damaged, or your card is not activated for Tap to Share feature.

Are you looking for ways to resolve the issue on your own? Well, let us help you out. In this post, we will be including all the possible methods to fix PC Mastercard tap not working problem.

If you are ready to roll, let us dive right into the details.

Fix: PC Mastercard tap not working

1. Check if Tap to Pay is activated

Tap to Pay is one of the most popular features supported by almost all modern Visa, Mastercard, and other branded cards. And if you have recently owned a President’s Choice (PC) Mastercard, you can enjoy the tap and pay feature as well.

The Tap to Pay feature saves your time at the checkout lines at the store. You can pay by tapping your card at the terminal at the cashier, and payment is made without needing a PIN.

But, the feature is not enabled by default. To use the Tap to Pay feature, you will have to activate it first. There are no eligibility criteria, and even the new users can activate Tap to Pay for their card.

To activate Tap to Pay for your card reach out to the official President’s Choice website.

2. Check your Tap to Pay limit

Tap to Pay is one of the fast ways to make payment at a store. But, it is also considered to be a risky feature. It is because the feature lets anyone use the card to complete the transaction without the need for the card PIN.

So, if you lose your card, there is a very high risk of losing money. Companies like PC only allow users to pay a small amount with the Tap and Pay feature to tackle this issue. So, if your card has been stolen, you can be sure that you are not going to lose any significant amount of money.

But why risk even a small amount of your hard-earned money? Always report your loss or stolen and ask the company to block your card.

If you have already exhausted the daily or monthly limit of the card tap to pay feature, you won’t be able to use it until the limit renews. And this could be the reason why your PC Mastercard tap is not working.

3. Ask for compatible Tap to Pay terminal

PC Mastercard tap to pay is accepted at almost all stores but still, not all stores accept Mastercard, and even if they do, they might not have the compatible terminal where you can use the tap to pay feature of your card.

So, before you try tapping to make the transaction, you have to ask if the merchant has the tap and pay terminal at the register.

Now you know, the PC Mastercard tap not working because the merchant doesn’t have a compatible terminal at the checkout.

4. Pay by swiping

Well, if there is no compatible terminal available at the checkout, there is no possibility of paying using the Tap to Pay feature.

In cases like these, there is one option left. You can simply pay by swiping a card like you used to do it before. Ask the merchant to swipe and pay with your card instead of Tap to Pay.

You will be asked for your card PIN, and you will be good to go. Payments have been made.

5. Clean the card

The Tap-to-Pay feature in the modern credit/ debit card is made possible because of a different type of silicon chip that is embedded inside the plastic card that you receive.

This silicon chip is a radio wave-based microchip which is detected by the receiver antenna present at the merchant’s POS terminal. And the procedure is fast enough, and you can pay using your card in the blink of an eye.

But, sometimes, it is possible that the card is finding it hard to make contact with the POS terminal. There could be many reasons why this happens. Maybe the card chip is damaged, and perhaps your card is unable to send signals to the POS.

If that’s the case, you should try cleaning your PC Mastercard once.

We do not suggest cleaning it using any water-based cleaning agent. Try using an alcohol-based cleaner and a clean cloth to wipe the dirt. If you do not have any alcohol-based cleaning agent, wipe the card using any soft fabric.

6. Alternative method to access card

The methods mentioned above must have worked, but if you are still on the same page, you face the same issues with your PC Mastercard tap not working. We will suggest you use a different platform to access your card.

Digital Wallets like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay lets a user add their credit/ debit card in the digital wallet app and access the card using the app only.

So, if you cannot use your card to make the transaction, you can use Apple Pay, Google Pay to make the transaction.

7. Apply for card replacement

If nothing has worked so far and still the PC Mastercard tap is not working, it could mean your card is damaged and cannot be used now.

Confirm once again if the card is damaged. Try making the payment again. And if the card is damaged, you can apply for a replacement of the card.

You might be charged for shipping charges and other additional charges if the damage reported is not recognized to be ‘natural’.


And that’s all, ladies and gentlemen.

Here, in this post, we have mentioned all the possible reasons along with the methods to fix the problem.

If you have any doubts, you can let us know in the comments section.

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