(6 Fix) Why is First Premier available credit not updating

Are you having issues with your First Premier credit card?

Is First Premier available credit not updating for you?

Well, if you are having any related issues, we will suggest checking our detailed guide-type article below. Here, we have discussed the reasons as well as the methods to fix the problems quickly.

Why is First Premier available credit not updating

First Premier available credit is not updating because your payment is not posted, your account has been flagged, your payment method is flagged, or you maxed out your credit limit. If these are the cases, your credit limit won’t be updated.

There could be many reasons why you see issues in the updation of your data. Below, we will be including all the possible reasons along with a detailed guide to resolving the issue.

Fix: First Premier available credit not updating

1. Check if payment posted

The very general reason your First Premier available credit is not updating is that the payment made by the user has not been posted or registered by the card issuer.

If First Premier has not accepted your payment, there is no chance you will see any updates on your available credit.

Before anything else, check if the payment has been posted to First Premier. To check the status, go to the official First Premier website or the app and check the status, where you will see other details like Outstanding Amount, Remaining Credit and the Unbilled Amount.

If the current credit card status shows Unbilled Amount to be zero, it means your payment has been posted. All you have to do is wait for a couple of days.

If you paid through any offline methods like mailing a check, the First Premier might take around a week to register that payment and only after your available credit is updated.

2. Use online payment methods

To pay the Unbilled Amount of your First Premier credit card, you can pay with your check or any online payment method. If you are mailing a check as the payment method, you will have to wait for around 7 to 10 days to expect any updates in your available credit limit.

This is one of the reasons why the users report that their First Premier available credit is not updating. If you are paying with a check, you will have to wait for a long.

That’s why we ask our users to pay with possible online methods to First Premier. If you use Western Union Quick Collect or via MoneyGram Express payment to pay your Unbilled Amount, First Premier will accept your payment in a couple of business days, and your available credit will be updated.

3. Pay directly to First Premier

Online third party platforms are a great way to pay your bills online. As we discussed above, online payments are posted in a couple of days, and users can quickly get their available credit updated.

Well, there is another way of making a transaction online. You can visit the card issuer or First Premier website and pay directly on their website. FP also provides the services on their mobile app.

Payments made directly on First Premier are posted on the same day. It might take around a day to more to post the payment in some cases.

4. Make payments on time

Always make sure you are paying First Premier credit card payments on the scheduled time. You are expected to keep your account in good standing. This means you must always make the payments on time.

Well, First Premier will even consider the payments delayed for the first time, but you won’t be penalized for that. If you have been postponing the payment for any particular reason, you will be penalized for that.

One of the many actions to restrict defaulters is to hold their available credit. If you have been delaying payments for quite some time now, your account will be flagged.

But, if you are a new user on the platform, you do not have to worry; you will not be penalized for delaying payments for the first time. But, you will have to pay the applied late fee.

5. Do not max-out credit limit

First Premier credit card allows only a particular amount of credit that the user in a particular month can enjoy. If the user max out their credit limit, First Premier puts a hold on the limit of available credit for the next cycle.

So, one must always make sure to spend the credit limit responsibly. Spending the credits to the maximum limits also affects your credit score as well.

Now, you know one more reason why First Premier available credit is not updating. The card issuer is putting a hold on your limit. You can easily avoid any issues by not using your entire spending power allowed by the card issuer.

Well, this is not a method to fix, but more of a tip to avoid the problem in future.

6. Do not use a new bank account

First Premier allows you to make payments through any online payment method and offline methods like checks. Users are also allowed to link their bank account as a payment method to the Billing Amount of the credit card.

But, sometimes, users might see a First Premier available credit ‘not updating’ issue if they try to link and select their new bank account as a payment method for the credit card bill.

First Premier might not observe a newly created bank account as a legit payment method. That’s why, rather than facing any issues later, the available credit limit is put on hold.

To avoid issues like these, select the bank account which has been in use for a while. There are other methods to pay as well. You can either go for online methods or offline methods like mailing a check. However, we suggest online methods only if you want your available credit updated in under two business days.


Let us wrap this post, guys.

Here, you have learned all the reasons why you are facing First Premier available credit ‘not updating’ problem along with the guide to solve the same issue.

If you face any other doubts, you can let us know in the comments section below.

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