9 Ways to Fix: eBay Gift Card not working

Is your eBay gift card not working?

Are you finding it hard to shop on eBay with gift cards?

If you have been searching for answers, you have finally reached the right web page. In this post, you will learn the methods to fix eBay ‘not working’ error along with other important information.

If you are ready, let us dive right into the details.

Why is eBay Gift Card not working

eBay Gift Card is not working because it doesn’t have any balance, you might be using it to buy restricted items, you might be using it on a different account, your card might be expired, or you are using it with a non-US eBay account. And eBay might have issues with the server.

In the very next, let us see how you can fix these issues. Read more to avoid any inconvenience in the future.

Fix: eBay Gift Card not working

Let’s see some effective ways to fix eBay Gift Card ‘not working’ issue. We have made sure to include all possible reasons along with the method to fix them.

1. Do not buy restricted items

The first and the most basic reason why your eBay Gift Card is not working for you is that you are trying to buy restricted items. Well, even if you successfully redeem your eBay card, you won’t be able user the credit to buy flagged items on eBay.

According to the official statement by eBay. Users cannot buy bullion, coins, paper money, virtual currency, coupons, or gift cards using the redeemed credit from the eBay gift card.

And if you are trying to buy any of the items mentioned above, you will see ‘not working’ issue with the eBay gift card. Simple solution to the problem is to avoid buying these restricted items on eBay.

2. Redeem credit in defined limit

A lot of users are not aware of this fact, but eBay doesn’t allow an unlimited amount of gift card redemption on their platform from a single account in a small period. This is primarily because of the fact that eBay wants to keep a check on the money laundering issue.

What if a scammer managed to gather a lot of gift cards worth up to thousands of dollars?

To keep a check on situations like these, eBay only allows redeeming a total worth of $1000 Gift Cards in a day. Along with a daily limit, there is a monthly limit as well. For a particular month, you cannot redeem more than $1500 worth of eBay gift cards.

Avoid this issue by only redeeming gift card with a total worth less than the specified limit.

3. Do not use gift card with different account

On receiving an eBay gift card, users are required to redeem the card to finance their purchase at eBay checkout. But, sometimes, if the purchase doesn’t require the entire credit offered, the gift card can be used again till the dollar credit is exhausted.

But, you will see the eBay Gift Card ‘not working’ issue if you try to use the gift card again with a different eBay account.

If used once with a single eBay account, a gift card is considered linked to the same account. And cannot be used to finance purchases on a different account.

According to eBay, this ensures the security of gift card ownership. Whatever be the reason, you cannot use the gift card on your account if it has already been used once. Not even if it has enough credit to finance your purchase.

4. Use at most 4 redemption methods

Like other platforms like Amazon, eBay also allows users to redeem multiple cards at once. This is a great feature; if a user has more than one card, the worth of all the cards can be added to finance a significant purchase.

But, eBay puts a restriction here. One can only use at most four redemption methods for the final transaction. So, if you have already added four eBay gift cards, you won’t be allowed to add another one.

Other than gift cards, there are other redemption methods – eBay Bucks and coupons. And to get the best offer, you can add combinations of these. But, only four codes can be added for a single transaction. And these codes can be gift card codes, coupon codes, or eBay bucks codes.

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5. Redeem gift cards only in United States

eBay provides services in many countries around the globe. You might want to buy your gift card from the United States and send it to your friend living in Europe. But, your purchase will go in vain as your friend, who does not have a US registered eBay account, won’t be able to redeem it.

It is possible that you are not using a US-registered eBay account to redeem the gift card. If you do not have the US registered, you will have to create a new US-based account on eBay.

Sometimes, any kind of private connection can cause issues too. Switch off any private connection or a VPN connection before you try to redeem your card.

6. Check if the card has already been expired

We are very confident that the methods and ways we mentioned till now in this guide might have solved the problems of most of our readers. But, if you are still struggling and have no idea about the exact issue and its fix, you must continue reading.

Another common issue why your eBay gift card is not working is because your gift card is invalid and expired.

Gift cards provided by eBay can only be used within 365 days of their purchase. After this period, the eBay gift card is considered expired and cannot be redeemed any more.

7. Check if gift card balance is exhausted

Each eBay gift card comes with a dollar value. And the gift card can be used more than once till its expiry date.

But, even before the arrival of the expiry date, if your eBay gift card’s balance is used completely, it cannot be used again, obviously.

You can check your eBay gift card balance very easily and avoid any inconvenience. Simply visit the official eBay Gift Card Balance Checker and submit the required details to check the balance.

8. Submit correct redemption code

We would like to mention a very basic fix/ method. This might look obvious, but still, a lot of users happen to submit the wrong redemption code.

Carefully scratch the security film off your eBay gift card and submit it. If you have a virtual card, you can always copy-paste to code to avoid any error.

9. Check eBay service status

Are you still on the same page? Well, if your eBay gift card is still not working, we would suggest you check the eBay service status.

In a rare situation, eBay service might face an outage. And if you might have tried redeeming your gift card in the downtime, you obviously have had issues in redeeming the card.

Save your precious time, check the official eBay service status page and wait till the services come back online.

If you would like to check the reports posted by the users on different social media platforms, you can follow tracker sites like – Downdetector.com.


Let us wrap this post right here.

We have tried our best to mention all the required ways to fix eBay Gift Card not working issue. But, if you still can’t get through the problem, let us know in the comments section below, we will be more than glad to assist you.

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