[Fixed] Why is my Amazon gift card not working (2022)

So, you have recently purchased an Amazon gift card, and it turns out it is not working.

Now, you wonder why the gift card is not working and how you can fix it.

We have researched and found out all the possible reasons why Amazon gift cards may not work and what you can do to fix it.

So, let’s get started without any further delay.

Why is my Amazon gift card not working

There can be several reasons why an Amazon gift card may not work, such as the gift card might have expired, you have already used it, another account has already redeemed it, or you are entering the wrong card details.

Whatever be the case, there are always a few things that you can try out on your own to fix the issue or at least make sure that the problem doesn’t exist on your end.

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What to do when Amazon gift card doesn’t work

If your Amazon gift card isn’t working, make sure you are entering the correct code, try scanning the card via device camera instead of manually entering the code, make sure it isn’t redeemed already, and make sure you are not violating any Amazon gift card terms.

Below, we have discussed all these points in detail:

1. Manually enter the code

Firstly, the gift card may not work if the entered gift card code isn’t correct.

So, you would like to re-enter the code manually.

Make sure to enter all the letters or digits carefully.

For example, you might be entering ‘1’ instead of lowercase ‘l’.

2. Use device camera to scan card

If you cannot manually load the card, we would suggest scanning the Amazon gift card using the device camera.

To add an Amazon gift card using the device camera, head over to the gift card redemption page, click on the ‘Camera’ icon, and take the gift card picture using the device camera.

This way the Amazon gift card amount will be loaded automatically to your account.

Still, if the Amazon gift card doesn’t work, follow the other methods below.

3. Make sure Gift card was not redeemed already

The next reason for the Amazon gift card not working could be that the card has already been redeemed.

So, make sure that the card you are using has not been already used.

To check whether the card is already redeemed or not, go to the Gift card balance page and check the codes you’ve already redeemed.

4. Make sure you are not violating any Amazon gift card terms

Moving forward, another reason your Amazon gift card isn’t working could be because you are buying an item that isn’t eligible for purchase with the gift card.

As per Amazon:

Use a gift card to purchase certain ineligible goods and services such as collectible coins or other gift cards.

To know more, read Amazon.com Gift Card Restrictions and Prohibited Activities.

5. Try Amazon website instead of app

If you aren’t able to add the Amazon gift card on the mobile app, or it isn’t working, try using the Amazon.com

Simply open the Amazon.com on your PC or mobile browser and log in to your account and then try adding the gift card.

This has worked for several users in the past, and it might also work for you. So, give it a try.

6. Contact gift card seller for a replacement card

If the gift card is unreadable or damaged, you would like to contact the seller from whom you purchased the card.

Ask the seller for a replacement card. Note that you will need to show the bill for purchase to get a replacement card.

7. Contact Amazon support

Lastly, if you have tried everything and still the gift card isn’t working for you, the last thing that remains is to contact Amazon support.

It might be that the gift card is just invalid, or there could be some technical issues with Amazon, or your account might have some problem.

So, contact Amazon support via Amazon mobile app and explain your issue to the support team; they might be able to help you out.


Q1. How Do I Activate My Amazon Gift Card?

To activate the Amazon gift card, log in to your Amazon account and then go to the “Gift Card” section, and select “Redeem a gift card,”. Here, enter the claim code of the gift card, and select “Apply to balance.”

Q2. Do Amazon Gift Cards Expire?

No, as per Amazon, gift card of Amazon issued after October 1, 2005, does not expire.

To know more, read Amazon.com Balance Expiration details.


So, that’s it, ladies and gentlemen. After reading this post, I hope you were able to figure out why your Amazon gift card was not working, and you have probably fixed it.

For more such posts, have a glimpse at our gift card section or follow a few related posts below.

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