How to stop payment on eBay Gift Card in 2022

Do you want to cancel your eBay Gift Card?

Are you looking for ways to stop payment on eBay Gift Card?

Well, if you are wandering here and there finding answers to these questions, let us tell you, this is your final stop.

As in this post, we will be including all the possible methods you can try to stop payment on eBay Gift Card.

Let us dive right into the details now.

How to stop payment on eBay Gift Card

Well, if you are searching for ways to cancel or stop payment on eBay Gift Card, you have probably fallen for an online scam or shared the gift card to the wrong email address.

Whatever be the case, here we will be discussing the ways to stop payment on eBay gift cards.

We will also share some tips here. So, if you are someone who lost access to the eBay gift card, you will find this post pretty useful.

If you are ready, let us see some ways by which you can stop payment on eBay gift card.

1. Contact the wrong receiver

Most of the time, users share the wrong email address of the person who they want to surprise the eBay gift card with. Well, in that case, the gift card cannot be used by the person to who you wanted to actually send the gift card.

The answer is simple, the gift card’s redeemable code and other details are sent to the customer with the email address. Things are different when it is done offline.

If you send the gift card to the person to whom the wrong email address belongs, they can redeem the gift card on eBay. And this is not considered unlawful activity at all.

The first method to make the way of this situation is simply informing the wrong receiver about the incident. And if you are lucky enough, the person will understand your point and will share and return the redeemable code.

But, if you are very sure that you lost your gift card to a scam or don’t receive any word from the email address, we suggest you proceed with the next method provided below.

2. Contact eBay support

Well, it’s very unlikely that the method we mentioned at the very start will work. It is because you never know if the person, on the other hand, is kind enough to understand your problem and help you get back your eBay gift card.

But, if you are sure that there are no chances of getting the eBay gift card back, we will suggest you contact eBay support. We are pretty sure eBay support is going to help you out.

According to the official eBay blog’s terms and conditions, they can cancel or suspend any Gift Card and freeze any associated Gift Card funds if they suspect any fraud.

“We reserve the right to correct the Gift Card balance if we believe that a clerical, billing or accounting error has occurred. You also agree that we may deactivate, cancel or suspend any Gift Card and freeze any associated Gift Card funds if we suspect fraud, unlawful activity or improper Gift Card use. You agree that you will not use a revoked Gift Card.”

Now, you know that Gift Card payments can be stopped, and you just have to contact eBay support and let them know your problem. Before you contact the support, be ready with the details, you will be asked to share some details in order to recognize your account and related purchases.

3. Contact your bank/ card issuer

The procedure to stop payment on eBay Gift Card is simple, and the eBay support team can easily assist you with the same. But, what if you do not get the expected support from the concerned team at eBay?

In scenarios like these, you must contact the bank or card issuer, whichever you used as the payment method at eBay Gift Card shopping checkout. You will be able to dispute your transactions, and hopefully, the concerned team will help you out with cancelling the eBay gift card by coordinating the team at eBay.

The same goes for the other financial institutions. If you bought eBay Gift Card using a platform like Paypal, you would be required to call the Paypal support team for any kind of assistance.

If you cannot convince eBay to cancel your gift card, ask your financial institution for assistance. It might look simple, but it’s not. Disputing a transaction is followed by the verification procedure by the concerned team of your bank/ card issuer.

4. Confirm email & share gift card again

Once you get eBay to stop payment on eBay Gift Card, the first thing you should check is if you have been given the refund or concession of the same. It’s necessary because you cannot redeem the same gift card to shop on eBay. Get the confirmation from the eBay team before you proceed.

Now, you can buy a new gift card of the same value. This time, make sure you are entering the correct email address. Verify it once before you proceed to pay at the checkout.

That’s how you will be able to share the eBay gift card with the right person.


And that’s all, ladies and gentlemen. Now, you know the possible ways to stop payment on eBay Gift Card.

As we mentioned above, eBay doesn’t provide you the option to cancel a gift card once it has been bought and redeemed.

But, if you have a significant amount of money at stake, you must surely try the methods we discussed above.