What is the Billing Address for a Visa Gift card

Is your Visa gift card getting declined for wrong billing address?

Or when you are trying to use the gift card online it is asking for billing address, and you are wondering what is the billing address for Visa gift card.

If the case, you have landed on the very right page. Here, we have explained what is the billing address and what billing address for Visa gift card you have to provide.

So, let’s get started.

What does ‘billing address’ mean?

Billing address can be said as the address where you live or where you receive monthly bill statements. Billing address is an address that is associated with your debit card or credit card. This is the address you provide when you apply for a debit, credit card or gift card.

The address you have included while filled the application or form to get a debit card, gift card or credit card.

A billing address just like any other address will have the house number, street address, ZIP code, followed by a city or state.

Many merchants require you to enter your ZIP code or billing address at the time of the checkout. This adds up as an extra layer of security.

For example, if your credit card gets stolen and someone tries to use but doesn’t know your ZIP code or billing address, he will have a hard time using the card as there is no ZIP code printed on the card.

What is the Billing address for a Visa Gift card

Short Answer: The billing address for a Visa gift card is the address you gave when you registered your Visa Gift Card. Some vendors require you to enter the same billing address at the time of the checkout and if the address miss matches, your visa gift card gets declined.

Well mostly the online payments require gift cards to be registered and ask for the billing address. Most of the gift cards comes with the instruction to activate the card.

You can find a telephone number or website printed on the back of the card to activate the card.

Billing address for the visa gift card can set up by following the ways below:

Update Billing address on the Website

To register the card online, you can visit the card provider website printed on the back of the card on the instructions papers.

You will be asked for the details such as the card number, expiry date and the CVV code, during the registration process. The card number is a 16-digit number printed on the front of the card. The expiry date is also printed on the front side, while the CVV or security code is printed on the back side of the card which is a three or four-digit number.

Once you have entered the basic details of the card, you may get a prompt to enter your name, billing address and ZIP code. For some cards, it might just ask to enter the ZIP code.

So, just provide your actual address in the billing address and complete the registration process.

Well, note that do not provide wrong or fake address as merchants and vendor verify the address during the checkout and failing to which your card will get declined.

Update Billing address by telephone system

Another method to get the billing address is to simply call the telephone number printed on the back of the card.

Follow the instructions when your call gets connected to update the billing address.

Why does Visa gift card say ‘invalid billing address’

If your Visa gift card is declined for invalid billing address the reason is that you are not using the same address with which you have registered your Visa gift card.

If you don’t know what address you have entered or used at the time of buying or registering the card, you can visit the visa gift card website (printed on the back of the card) and enter the card information to know what billing address is associated with the card.

You will have to use the exact same billing address on the vendor’s website, and then your Visa gift card will not be declined for the invalid billing address.

How to change Billing address of Visa Gift Card

If you have forgotten the associated billing address of your Visa gift card or simply want to change, you can easily do it. Most of the Visa gift card providers allow editing the information on the card, you just have to visit their website and change the information.

Follow the steps below:

  • Open the Visa gift card provider website (printed on back of the card)
  • Enter the card information such as card number, expiry date, CVV
  • Now, look for the option  “edit billing information” or “edit zip code.”
  • Now, follow the further instruction to change the associated billing address.


So, that it for now, folks. I hope after going through this post, you were able to know what is the billing address for gift cards.

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