[Fixed] Starbucks Gift card not working (Text, eGift)

Is your Starbucks gift card not working?

Starbucks text gift card not working?

If you are having issues with your Starbucks card, you have landed on the right page. Here we have explained why your Starbucks gift card may not work and what you can do to fix it.

So, let’s get started.

Why is my Starbucks Gift card not working

There can be a number of reasons your Starbucks gift card is not working such as your billing information does not match the information with your bank, you are entering wrong card details, servers of Starbucks are down, etc.

Well, whatever be the case there are always a few ways to fix the issue on your own or at least make sure that the issue doesn’t lie on your end.

starbucks-gift card

How to Fix Starbucks Gift card not working

1. Check your billing information

If the information on your Starbucks profile does not match with the information with your bank, your gift card may not work.

Ensure that the name and address entered on the Starbucks Mobile app matches exactly what your financial institution has on file for you.

If you recently moved or changed your name, make sure to also change it in your billing information.

2. Check your credit card information.

Make sure your credit card is current with a valid expiration date, and you are entering the correct security code.
If you are still experiencing trouble, contact your financial institution for additional assistance.

3. Check Starbucks server status

Next, your Starbucks gift card may not work if the server of Starbucks are down or having issues.

It’s always good to know whether the issue lies on your end or on the server’s end.

That being said, we would suggest visiting the downdetector page for Starbucks. Here, check the users comments and number of reports. If the reports are significant, it means the servers of Starbucks are having issues.

In this case, you would like to use your gift card till the servers of Starbucks gets restored.

4. Starbucks Gift card only works at Starbucks

Starbucks Gift card can be used on any Starbucks store either on the app or on the physical store in North America and selected countries – including Australia, Ireland, the UK, and Puerto Rico.

If you are trying to use Starbucks gift card at any other place, it won’t work.

Even you’re trying to use the gift on food delivery services such as Uber Eats, DoorDash, it won’t work.

To know more about it in detail read our article where does Starbucks gift card work.

5. Contact Starbucks support

Lastly, if your Starbucks gift card is still not working, you will have to contact Starbucks support.

You can contact the Starbucks support either by chat, email or phone:

  • Email

Please use the links on this page to email a specific department.

  • Phone

800-Starbuc (800-782-7282)

Hours: 5AM – 8PM PT, 7 days a week

Why I am not able to send Starbucks Gift card via text

If you are not able to send Starbucks gift card via text message or Starbucks text gift card is not working, the reasons could be that cache is causing the issue, Starbucks app isn’t updated or device is not updated.

Below, are a few methods to fix can’t send Starbucks gift card via text.

How to Fix Starbucks text gift card not working

1. Clear Starbucks app cache

Cache is the temporary memory that our device store to run the apps faster and smoother.

However, with time a lot of cache can be built up, which can cause issues rather than providing benefits.

So, this is the reasons it’s always recommended to clear the cache.

That being said, follow the steps below to clear the cache of Starbucks app:

  1. Open Settings > Apps.
  2. Select the Starbucks app.
  3. Tap Storage.
  4. Tap Clear Cache to clear the app cache.

Note: These setting will differ slightly from device to device.

2. Update Starbucks app

Moving, if your Starbucks text gift card is not working, or you are not able to send it, the reason could be that you’re not using the latest version of Starbucks app.

So, make sure to update the Starbucks app to the latest version.

To update the app, simply head over to App Store or Play Store and search for Starbucks. If there is an update available, just update it.

Updating the app will ensure there aren’t bugs or corrupted files causing issues.

3. Update iMessage or Message app

If you are sending the Starbucks gift card via iMessages, and it’s not working, the reason could be that the app isn’t updated.

So, make sure to update the iMessages app on your iOS device.

For more details, read: How to send Starbucks gift card via text

4. Reinstall the Starbucks app.

Several users in the past have confirmed that deleting and reinstalling the Starbucks app solved the problem, and they were able to use their gift card again.

Reinstall Starbucks app

So, why don’t you give it a try?

Just uninstall the Starbucks app and download it again from the Google Play Store or App Store on your Android or iOS device, respectively.

5. Restart your device

Once you have reinstalled the Starbucks app, simply restart your device and then use it or try sending the gift card as a text.

6. Make sure your device is up-to-date

If your device is not updated to the latest version you may have issues while sending the Starbucks gift card via text message.

Updating the device will ensure there aren’t any bugs or corrupted files affecting the Starbucks app or gift card.

That being said, to update your device head over to the setting, scroll down to find ‘System’ and then tap on ‘System update.’ Update it if any update is available.


So, that’s all for now guys. After reading this post, I hope you were able to know why your Starbucks Gift card was not working and have probably fixed it.

For more such posts, have a look at our gift cards section or follow a few related posts below.

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