8 Ways to Fix: Boohoo gift card not working (App/ Website)

Having problems redeeming the Boohoo gift card?

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Here, find the reasons why you are having issues with Boohoo gift card, along with the guide to fix them.

Why is Boohoo gift card not working

Boohoo gift card is not working because it is expired, you might be entering wrong PIN, it doesn’t have sufficient balance, you might be using it at Boohoo’s affiliate brands, or there could be issues in Boohoo service status.

Now that you are aware of the possible reasons for the problem let’s now check the ways to fix it.

Fix: Boohoo gift card not working

1. Do not use gift card at affiliate brands

According to the official terms and conditions statement of Boohoo, the gift card purchased from Boohoo online or offline platform can only be used to purchase goods at Boohoo only.

Sometimes users try redeeming their Boohoo gift card at affiliate brands of the company. But, as per terms, the gift card cannot be redeemed at any of Boohoo’s affiliate brands. And if you try to redeem your gift card, you will see Boohoo gift card not working issue for sure.

For your information, the affiliate brands of Boohoo include boohooman, prettylittlething, nastygal, misspap, karenmillen, coastfashion, warehouse, and oasis. And the user cannot redeem their gift card to buy products at any of the platforms.

2. Enter correct gift card pin

One of the most common reasons why users encounter Boohoo gift card ‘not working’ issue is the wrong submission of the card details while redeeming the card at an online platform.

Unlike offline platform, to redeem the Boohoo gift card, the user have to enter the card details – 8-digit PIN. And that’s where the possibility of entering the wrong card detail arises.

There are chances that you are entering the wrong 8-digit PIN on the gift card redemption section. But, you get some chances to submit the correct PIN, and you can start the procedure to make the transaction again.

3. Check card balance

As you already know, the Boohoo gift cards can be purchased and activated for a minimum value of £5 and a maximum value of £500. While a card comes with a non-reloadable limited credit, it can be used for more than one transaction.

If your single transaction includes shopping worth £100, you will be left with credits worth £400, considering you bought a £500 gift card. The remaining amount can be used later to make purchases at Boohoo.

But, sometimes, if the remaining card balance is not enough to finance your new purchase, you might encounter a Boohoo gift card ‘not working’ issue.

To avoid this problem, we will suggest that our users check their gift card balance before using their already used gift card. The balance can be checked online by visiting this link.

4. Use additional gift cards

What happens when you do not have enough balance on your Boohoo gift card? You won’t be able to proceed with the transaction if your gift card balance is not sufficient to finance your entire purchase.

The solution to this problem is quite simple. You just need to add more gift cards to finance your purchase. According to the official Boohoo terms and conditions, for a single transaction, a maximum of 5 cards can be added.

This is a great feature. If you buy product(s) with a total price of £500, you can add five – £100 Boohoo gift cards at most. And that’s all; you will be good to go.

5. Choose different payment method to assist transaction

Previously, we mentioned how you could redeem up to five Boohoo gift cards for a single transaction. The worth of the cards is added, thus making it possible for the user to buy the product even if the balance of a single is insufficient for the transaction.

But it is also possible that you do not have multiple gift cards to help you proceed with the transaction. Well, in that case, you can pay the remaining by using your prescribed payment method.

For instance, the total worth of the products in your cart is £500. And you have just a single gift card with a balance of £200. In that case, you can pay the remaining amount, which is £300, using your credit card, debit card, or any other linked payment method.

If you have already linked your card, you can pay directly. Otherwise a new payment methods account can be linked as well.

6. Check if your card is expired

Boohoo gift card comes with limited validity. That means your Boohoo gift card expires after a particular time period. It is possible that the card you are trying to redeem has already expired, and that’s why it is not working for you.

According to Boohoo, the validity of a gift card is 12 months. The validity period starts from the date of the activation of the card by the user, not from the day it was bought.

If a card is still in its validity period, it can be used multiple times as a payment method at Boohoo.com. But, you must check its expiration date first.

7. Check Boohoo service status

Well, if your Boohoo gift card is not expired and you have checked everything else and still facing redeeming issues, it is possible that Boohoo services are facing a service outage.

Where there is nothing specific you can do, it will be a great decision to keep track of the service status. Boohoo doesn’t have a dedicated page to check the service status, and you can always visit the third-party tracker platforms like – Downsdetector.com or Isitdownrightnow.com to check service reports.

8. Contact Boohoo Support

If you have tried everything and encountered issues in redeeming your Boohoo gift card. We will suggest you contact the Boohoo team for required assistance.

There are different methods you can contact Boohoo support. You can email them at customerservices@boohoo.com. If, after waiting for a couple of days, you do not get any response, we will suggest you mail the team through the official form. Visit this link and select email option.

You can also contact the Boohoo on Twitter. Follow this link and send your query to Boohoo team on their official Twitter handle.

And we are pretty sure, you will get the expected response and support from the team.


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