Why won’t Klarna accept my card (debit/ credit)

Through the Klarna app, customers can buy from any online store and spread the cost over time without paying any interest, which is ideal for trying out things before committing to a larger purchase.

However, sometimes customers run into problems with the app, and the issue we’ll be discussing in this post is Klarna refusing to accept your card as a payment option. Stick to the end of the article to know more.

Why won’t Klarna accept my card (debit/ credit)?

Short Answer: Klarna won’t accept your card if you are using a card that is not accepted by Klarna, the card is restricted or frozen, the card has lapsed, there are inadequate funds on your card, or you have failed the two-factor authentication. Technical problems including a faulty server, a lack of access to the internet, a corrupted cache, or an out-of-date program might also cause this problem.


1. Card not accepted by Klarna:

Check to see whether your debit or credit card is compatible with Klarna before you add it to your account. If Klarna is rejecting your card, it may be because that particular card is not one of those that the company accepts.

Cards issued by Capital One, for instance, won’t be accepted by Klarna since the former doesn’t support any of the BNPL payment methods. Additionally, Klarna does not accept Chime debit cards as a form of payment because to the high failure rates associated with such transactions.

With the exception of prepaid cards, Klarna takes every major credit card and debit card issued by MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, and Maestro. Klarna does not accept prepaid cards at this time.

2. Card has been restricted or frozen:

If you try to use a debit card to pay with Klarna, but the issuer rejects the transaction, you may face this error under discussion.  No matter where you try to utilize your debit card to make a purchase, you won’t be able to since your bank has banned it.

Your bank or credit union may have frozen or barred your card for security reasons. It’s possible you’ve done something illegal or you’ve blocked the card on your own.

If one of these things happens, then you won’t be able to use your debit card to make any Klarna or other platform payments. Self-blocked debit cards may be unblocked by contacting the issuing bank directly. If you are unable to use your debit card to access your account, you should contact the bank’s customer service department for more information.

3. Card has lapsed:

Sadly, a large percentage of cardholders ignore the validity period. It’s important to double-check that your credit card hasn’t expired or that there aren’t any monetary issues that would leave it useless.

In other cases, the problem may have been due to out-of-date information. When adding to Klarna, you will be asked to provide your card information. Any modification to the card’s information will render it invalid for usage as a payment method.

If you try to use your debit card with Klarna, you will see that it is a “unavailable payment method.” Once your debit card has expired, you may add a different one or update the one you already have. Further, if you have recently changed your card information, you will need to do the same on the Klarna app.

A card that has already been added to Klarna may be deactivated. You may bring it back as a viable option for making purchases but be sure to provide any relevant recent information this time around.

4. Technical concerns:

Klarna has undergone a number of revisions, including the elimination of bugs, the addition of advanced features, and a revised user interface. Perhaps an older version of the Klarna app is to blame for its inability to process some cards. Making ensuring Klarna is up-to-date will eliminate this issue.

The Klarna servers might become unavailable at any time, however this seldom ever happens. This might be due to maintenance being performed or an abnormally large number of people attempting to access the server at the same time. There’s nothing you can do except wait for the server’s online status to change and hope for the best.

Ensure that you can connect to the internet and that there are no disruptions. You might even switch to mobile data to complete the financial transaction if you are using free WiFi or free unlimited Internet at home.

Last but not least, this might be occurring because the app’s cache hasn’t been cleared in some time. If you’re encountering issues, it’s probably best to delete the data altogether in case it’s out of date or corrupt.

The Clear Cache option inside the Klarna app may be accessed by going to the Settings menu on your smartphone, then tapping on the Apps tab, and finally tapping on Klarna.

5. Two-factor authentication failure

You may have difficulties using a debit card for Klarna payments if you are unable to successfully complete the two-factor authentication process.

Two-factor authentication may be used with your debit card provided by your banking institution. Additionally, authentication is required before a debit card payment may be processed. All this does is provide another layer of protection to any purchases made using a debit card.

If you are unable to pass this security check, you will not be able to use the debit card. Also, the Klarna app will report an error. Initiate the payment process again, taking care to follow the authentication steps as specified.

6. Your card doesn’t have enough money on it

Paying back a loan using Klarna services is as simple as adding a card that the company accepts as payment. However, Klarna won’t let you use your card if there isn’t enough money in your bank account to cover the loan’s whole cost.

If you have borrowed money from Klarna, the remaining balance on your debit card should always be greater than the amount that you owe; otherwise, you will be unable to utilize your card to make payments via Klarna.


1. Why Is Klarna not accepting my payment method?

Make sure you’re running the most recent build of the software. Remove all browser cookies. You should be sure you’re not on a restricted network (such as a work connection). Verify that you have enough money in your account to make the payment.


The aforementioned explanations, we hope, will help you zero in on the root of the issue and find a workable solution.