[Fix] Why did Klarna charge you Twice

With the rapid onset of Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) services in the mainstream, you can use them to pay for anything in this world. Even if one store doesn’t accept it, another store will accept it and you can buy an item there.

Klarna is one such BNPL service. And sometimes Klarna users have reported unexplained charges to their accounts.

So, if you have encountered a situation where Klarna has charged you twice and thinking of a way to raise a dispute, look no further. This article will tell you all you need.

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Why did Klarna charge you twice?

Short Answer: If Klarna charged you twice, it is most probably an innocent mistake on the recipient’s side. Or sometimes it is a glitch or error in the system. Also, sometimes if the last month’s payment has not gone through, you will be charged for both simultaneously. 

Reason 1: Mistake on the recipient’s side

Sometimes the recipient to whom the money is owed might have requested the money twice. Or set the same amount twice in the same month. And if Autopay is turned ON in your account, the amount will be debited from your account.

Reason 2: Error in the system

An error with the Klarna server or application might be a considering factor. If for whatever technical error, the payment has been requested twice, your Autopay will send that money to the recipient twice too.

If you have issues getting Klarna to work, you can visit this link.

Reason 3: Issue with last month’s payment

Let us say there was some problem with debiting your payment to the receiver in the previous month. Then both payments including the present month’s will be sent to the person or company it is owed.

Note – There have been instances where people have been charged but there is no order. Whatever the case, you are eligible for a refund from Klarna.

How do I dispute a Klarna charge?

Here are the steps to raise a dispute or report a problem with a Klarna charge.

  • Step 1: Open the Klarna app on your device and tap on the Purchases icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • Step 2: Here you will see all the purchases you have made. Click on the duplicate or second charge to your account.
  • Step 3: Then you will be shown all the details regarding the purchase. At the bottom, select the More option.
  • Step 4: After that, select the Report a problem option and you will be shown a list of problems.
  • Step 5: From that select Already paid option, click continue and enter the required information.
  • Step 6: Finally, click on Done. Wait a few moments and someone from Klarna’s customer service will contact you by text or call.

If the issue is resolved and the charge is in fact ruled as an error, you will get your refund. But if the issue isn’t resolved you can contact Customer Support and plead your case.

Final Words

This article has provided you with the reasons why Klarna might charge you twice. And now you also know how to raise a dispute with Klarna. Raising a dispute will solve your issue and get your refund as soon as possible. So, if you have been wronged this is the way to go.