Why is my Debit/Credit MasterCard not Working Online

Ever tried to make an online purchase with your MasterCard only to discover that it wouldn’t go through? It may be frustrating and difficult, particularly if you need to make a quick payment or buy something important.

You may be unable to use your card online for several reasons, including but not limited to inadequate funds or an expired card. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the most typical explanations for why your debit/credit MasterCard isn’t functioning online so that you may figure out how to deal with the same.

Why is my debit/credit MasterCard not working online

Short Answer: Your debit/credit MasterCard is not working online because the card is being used in unapproved places, there are insufficient funds, online transactions are not enabled, the card has expired, the card has been put on hold, the transaction seems suspicious, or you have entered wrong card details. 

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1. Use of the card in unapproved places

If you try to use your card for an online transaction with an unauthorized third-party service, your card may be rejected.

It’s important to note that although MasterCard does support certain cryptocurrencies on its network, there are other exchanges where you can’t use your card to buy crypto at all. If you want to use your MasterCard for a cryptocurrency purchase, you’ll need to make certain that the platform accepts MasterCard first.

2. Not enough funds

Your card might be refused if there aren’t sufficient funds in your account to pay for the purchase. If you try to make too many purchases with your debit MasterCard in one day, it may be denied even if there is money in your account. Ensure that you have sufficient funds in your account by doing a quick balance check.

As for credit cards, there is a certain credit limit on your card, which in most cases, if exceeded, will result in a transaction denial. In the context of using a credit card, the term “credit limit” refers to the maximum amount that a cardholder may spend.

These restrictions are put in place for your protection so that if someone were to steal your card, they couldn’t go crazy with your funds. Because of this risk, most banks will advise against raising this cap. But, if you need more spending power, you may always phone your bank and ask if you can get a temporary boost in your credit limit.

3. Online transactions not enabled

As a standard policy, most bank-issued debit and credit cards may only be used at ATMs and point-of-sale terminals inside their home country. Neither local nor international online transactions are permitted unless the user specifically enables them.

As such, it’s possible that your card has not been enabled for online usage if you just obtained it or haven’t used it to make an online purchase yet. The purpose of this practice is to prevent fraudulent purchases made online. Through the bank’s app and online banking, you may manually allow online payments through SMS or customer service.

Your bank may have a specific procedure to follow to activate or disable your ability to conduct online transactions. Make sure you get in touch with your bank for assistance regarding the same.

4. Card expired

After the expiration date has passed, the card can no longer be used for purchases. You should reach out to your bank instantly if you haven’t received your replacement card within a month of your existing card’s expiration date.

However, if you feel that someone else has got their hands on your card, you should notify your bank immediately so that they can block the other card.

5. Card currently on hold

As a precaution against possible fraudulent use, incorrect charges, or other losses, certain businesses may temporarily freeze your card. While making a hotel reservation, it’s not uncommon for the business to place a hold on the payment method used, especially a credit or debit card.

The freeze on your card will be lifted as soon as the last payment has been processed. You may get in touch with the store if your card is denied because of a hold; they can tell you how much is being held and when it’s going to be released.

6. Suspicious transaction

If you try to make a major purchase that doesn’t fit in with your normal buying and withdrawal patterns, your bank will likely reject your request. Although fraud detection helps to prevent fraudulent card use, it may also cause genuine purchases to be flagged by financial institutions.

When your card is temporarily disabled because of false fraud detection, you may phone the card issuer to confirm that you approved the online purchase in question.

7. Wrong information was input

Payment may be denied if an incorrect CVV or card number is entered. There’s a chance you misread the card number by a single digit. Any attempt to use a card for an online transaction will be rejected until the correct info is entered. If you’ve already tried this and it didn’t work, verify your card information again.

Having outdated contact information on file, such as a previous address or phone number, might also cause problems. If you have changed your address or telephone number, make sure to update the same.


1. Why is my MasterCard debit card being declined?

Having inadequate funds on your debit card is the most common cause for its rejection. Maybe you thought you had more money in the bank than you really did, or maybe you didn’t realize your partner or relative had made a transaction using your credit card.


There’s more than one explanation for why your MasterCard can be failing you while trying to make an online purchase. But, by adhering to the suggestions made, you may help ensure that your online transactions with your MasterCard go off without a hitch.