What happens if you extend your due date on Klarna

Curious as to what occurs if your Klarna payment due date is extended?

Is there any impact on your credit score if you request to extend Klarna’s payment?

Well, we have addressed all of those questions and more. So, make sure you stick to the end of the article to get the information you need.

Purchases made in-store or online at participating stores may be paid over time using Klarna’s “buy now, pay later” payment plan. Borrowers who are looking to finance a large purchase and have sufficient monthly income to make the payments may qualify.

What happens if you extend your due date on Klarna?

Short Answer: If you request a payment extension, future payments for this item will be rescheduled to be automatically debited every two weeks beginning on the new payment date. When you go to the app and hit Show plan on the order screen, you’ll be able to view the most recent payment options.

Does extending due date on Klarna affect credit score?

If you need more time to pay, extending your Klarna payment date won’t harm your credit score. Even if a consumer fails to make a timely payment, their credit score will not be affected by utilizing Klarna’s “Pay later” options.

Klarna payment in progress

Both the “Pay 30 days later” and “Instalments” (previously “Pay in 3) plans offered by Klarna’s “Pay later” option never charge interest or fees. When customers use either of Klarna UK’s two most popular products, they do not sign into a governed credit arrangement, which means that the company is immune from some regulations.

Klarna does a mild credit check on the consumer in order to utilize the “Pay 30 days later” or “Instalments” payment plans. This will not affect the customer’s credit score or be accessible to other lenders in any way that the credit bureaus keep track of such things.

A customer’s credit report might be negatively damaged if a lender reports late or missing payments to a credit reporting agency (CRA). For these services, Klarna does not notify the CRA if a payment is late or not made.

Why can’t I extend my Klarna payment?

You cannot extend your Klarna payment because the particular invoice does not offer a due date extension, the due date has already been extended once, or the due date has expired. 

1. The purchase does not include a due date extension.

Not every purchase qualifies for the opportunity to extend the payment deadline. Only if a grace period is included in the terms of the sale, may the payment deadline be postponed.

After logging into the app, users may choose the invoice they want to pay later in order to see whether the postponed payment option is available for that transaction. When an invoice’s due date cannot be moved forward, users must complete the payment by the initial due date.

The due date for a Financing statement also cannot be moved or altered in any way.

2. The due date has already been extended once.

After the Klarna payment deadline has been extended once, it cannot be changed again.

The deadline for payment on any given purchase may be pushed back one time, by 10 days each time, at no further cost to the customer. However, you may only request an extension once for each order’s due date.

In the event that you will be late by more than 10 days, you should get in touch with Klarna’s support staff as quickly as possible before the payment becomes due.

3. The due date has lapsed.

After the due date has passed, there will be no more opportunities for extension. There is absolutely no way to get a new due date once the original one has passed.

If you need more time to pay an invoice, you must request an extension before the due date has passed.


1. How do I extend my Klarna payment?

If it is a viable option, a deadline extension will be granted. Here’s how to request an extension on your Klarna payment plan:

  • Step 1: Launch the app and sign in with your login info.
  • Step 2: Access the Payments tab.
  • Step 3: Select the order. Now select the order for which you would like to pay later.
  • Step 4: Choose Payment options and then Extend the due date.

2. How often may Klarna payments be delayed?

There is just one opportunity available to extend the due date for each order. When you use the Extend due date function, your deadline will be postponed by 10 days. We ask that you get in touch with Klarna’s Support if you think you’ll need more than 10 days, and they’ll do their best to accommodate your request.

3. If I still don’t pay by the extended deadline, what happens then?

When a payment is received more than 10 days after it is due, a $7 late fee may be applied. This cost will not exceed twenty-five percent of your total installment payment. If you are unable to make a payment on time, the merchants on Klarna may report you as being in arrears to credit reporting agencies.


If you are reliable with your payments, are interested in a BNPL that gives you incentives, and values consumer protection, then Klarna might be the way to go. It’s possible that Klarna will do a mild credit check, which won’t have any negative impact on your score.

That’s all there is to know about Klarna’s payment deadline extension. We sincerely hope that this article helped answer your questions.