8 Ways to fix Santander online banking not working

Are you having issues using Santander online banking?

Is your Santander online banking not working?

Well, if you are having trouble with Santander online banking and need some assistance, this is the right website to seek help.

Here, learn why Santander online banking is not working and the methods to fix the problem.

If you are ready, let us dive right into the details.

Why is Santander online banking not working

Santander online banking is not working because your device is not connected to a stable internet connection or there can be issues with your internet browser. Some issues with Santander online services can cause the problem as well.

Here, in this post, we will be providing detailed reasons and how to fix them. So, if you are ready, let us dive right into the details.

Fix: Santander online banking not working

1. Check if Santander online banking is enabled

Santander bank offers almost all the required financial services you can expect from your bank. The bank also allows you to avail services using their online banking feature,

But, if you have just opened your account with Santander and wondering why your Santander online banking is not working, it is possible that you still haven’t enabled your online banking yet.

To access Santander online services, the users are required to enroll themselves in the online access services. It is necessarily required as the user is given special access to online banking services. The Santander website and the official app can be used for any desired action using the same login details.

If you have already enrolled yourself in Santander online banking and still facing the problem, proceed with the next methods to fix the problem.

2. Check internet connection

Well, if you are facing issues with the Santander online banking services while trying to log in with your Santander online credentials, there could be issues with the internet connection.

If your device is not connected to a stable internet connection, you might not access the Santander online banking services as intended.

And if your internet service provider is not facing an outage in your area, you can try some simple troubleshooting methods on your own.

  • Check if your wifi router is working fine.
  • Try connecting the same Wifi to a different device
  • Test your connection speed at www.speedtest.net
  • Re-plug your Wifi into the power socket
  • Restart your Wifi router is required

If nothing is working till now. We would suggest you use the mobile data connection.

3. Disable private connection

Some websites and apps do not work fine if they are connected to any private connection, especially the online banking platforms. Private connections are generally considered insecure, and using your banking app on a private connection makes it a security issue.

That’s why it is always suggested to disable any kind of private connection before you try logging in to your Santander banking app and the website.

VPN apps are popular these days. It helps you disguise your location by creating your virtual profile on a different server, allowing you to access the internet with a different IP address.

But, you will need to disable your VPN before logging in to your Santander online banking account.

4. Update your browser

One of the very common reasons why you encounter the Santander online banking ‘not working’ is because you are using an outdated browser.

Sometimes, because of some bugs and glitches with the browser can cause issues in accessing some websites as well. And if you face issues while logging in with your Santander online banking account, it could be an indication that your internet browser has issues.

The problem can be fixed easily. Update your browser, and you will be good to go.

Go to Settings and find the Update option. Download the latest patch, and try launching the website again.

5. Use a different browser

If updating the browser doesn’t solve the errors with the Santander online banking, we would suggest our viewers try using a different browser.

You must not use a random browser in the market to access your online banking. There could be privacy issues and whatnot. Moreover, this random browser may not support your Santander website, making it impossible to access Santander online banking.

Always use trustworthy browsers like Google Chrome, Apple’s Safari, Microsoft’s Edge, and Mozilla Firefox for accessing Santander online banking.

6. Use Santander online banking app

If you cannot use your Santander online banking after following the methods to fix the problems, we suggest trying using the official Santander mobile app.

Santander official app can be downloaded for free for both Android and iOS platforms. Install the app on your device and log in with your online access account credentials.

7. Check Santander online service status

If you cannot access Santander online banking on either website or mobile app, it is also possible that there are issues with the Santander services.

Sometimes, even if you are doing everything right from the end, service issues with Santander can still make it hard for you to access Santander online banking.

And there is nothing that you can do to fix this. The company will identify the problem and fix it as soon as possible.

But, you can save your precious time by not trying again and again. You can keep track of the service status by following third-party service tracker platforms like Downdetector.com and Isitdownrightnow.com.

8. Reach out to your nearest branch

We have tried our best to include all the possible ways to fix Santander online banking ‘not working’ problem. But, if the issue pertains, there is one last thing you can do.

Reach out to the nearest Santander branch to seek any assistance. If you are new to your area and cannot find the nearest branch, you can visit the official Santander branch locator link.

Visit the bank and share your experience and problem with Santander online banking. The concerned Santander team will help you out.


And that’s pretty much all for today’s post.

The steps and methods involved to fix the problem are easy to implement. But, we would be happy to help you out if you require any assistance on the same.

Feel free to contact us.

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