Klarna payment in progress: Reasons & Solutions

While using Klarna, do your payments get stuck?

Do you get the Klarna “payment in progress” error message?

If that’s the case, then your search for solutions might end right here. The Klarna ‘payment in progress’ problem might have several causes, and we’ve highlighted those causes and solutions for you.

But first, let’s figure out what the Klarna ‘payment in progress’ problem implies before we get into the causes and fixes.

What does ‘payment in progress’ mean Klarna?

If Klarna says “payment in progress,” it implies they are still verifying your payment and your transaction has not been finalized. The transaction will not be completed unless the Klarna staff gives its stamp of approval to the payment review.

Klarna payment in progress

The examination will conclude once a team of fraud investigators has conducted a series of checks. When the “green light” appears, it signifies your money has been accepted. Klarna has put in place safeguards to ensure that customers are properly credited for their purchases.

It might take the Fraud team up to 24 hours to examine your submission. You’ll have to patiently await a verdict and cross your fingers that it goes in your favor.

You may see the app’s progress in the Activity Log of the retailer dashboard. If you have any questions or concerns after learning that your purchase was declined by the Fraud team, please contact Klarna’s customer care. The review procedure is outlined below:

In review- Holding payment while they investigate; sending fraud_status PENDING to the merchant notification URL

After review- the review has now been finished with the result of fraud_status ACCEPTED or e fraud_status REJECTED.

Why is my Klarna ‘Payment in Progress’?

Short Answer: If Klarna encounters technical difficulties, detects fraud, or imposes limits, an error message indicating payment is in progress will be shown.

As a result, you should first determine the root causes of the error code before taking any corrective measures, such as contacting Klarna support.

1. Concerns Regarding Klarna

The Klarna ‘payment in process’ error might have been caused by problems with the Klarna app or website. In addition, you could get this error if the Klarna server is down.

2. Fraudulent activity detected

There is another cause for the ongoing “payment in progress” status. If Klarna’s fraud detection team suspects fraudulent activity in connection with a payment, the status of that payment will change to “Pending.”

The fraud team examines the payment for signs of fraud and reports back within 24 hours so that payment may be completed. Payment is shown as “Approved” if everything checks out.

3. Constraints imposed by Klarna

You probably already know that Klarna monitors your credit record as part of their criterion for approving a transaction, but it’s worth repeating.

If your credit score is lower than the minimum required by Klarna, you will not be approved for a loan or to make use of any of Klarna’s services because of the inherent risk involved. Because of this, team Klarna could impose some kind of limitation on you.

How to Fix Klarna payment in progress?

Method 1: Clear your debts

The loan services offered by Klarna make it possible to do just that. Purchase requests may be made for any amount up to your maximum. The dues must be repaid, too. Users may create problems for themselves if they fail to pay the required fees.

Thanks to Klarna’s in-app reminders, you’ll never forget to pay your bills on time. So, please enable them again if you have already deactivated them.

Method 2: Connect your bank account

You should connect your bank account to your Klarna account whenever prompted to do so. That way, Klarna can learn more about your financial situation and make a more informed decision regarding your creditworthiness.

Method 3: Build up a solid credit score.

For the time being, a BNPL app record does not help one’s credit standing. Your credit score is calculated using data on the loans, credit cards, and other types of credit you have used in the past.

Reduce your reliance on applications that allow you to make instant purchases with deferred payments(BNPL) and make timely payments on any credit card balances you may have to keep and enhance your credit score.

A high credit history improves your chances of being approved for purchase and limits the negative effects of ‘payment in progress’

Method 4: Maintain an excellent payment record

Keep up a good payment record with Klarna if you plan to utilize them often. You are aware that you are obligated to repay any loan you take out via Klarna.

But be sure you make your repayments on schedule. If you delay repayment, it will reflect poorly on your credit report. You can keep your credit score and payment history in excellent standing by always making payments on time, if not early.


1. How do I know if I’ve been accepted for Klarna?

Verify your email for any communication from Klarna, which will let you know whether your account has been accepted. The Klarna app allows you to sign in at any time to see where your request stands. To provide you a short overview of how you may keep tabs on your statements, outstanding amount, and payments:

  • Step 1: Launch the Klarna app.
  • Step 2: Click on ‘My Klarna.’
  • Step 3: Navigate to Purchases & Payments or your Klarna Financing Account.
  • Step 4: Review your payment and statement history.

2. How long does it take for Klarna to process a payment?

When your initial payment is processed, the pending hold will be lifted. It may take anywhere from 5–7 business days for the change to show up in your bank account, depending on the institution.


This concludes our present discussion, guys!

One of the most reliable online payment methods, Klarna, has taken measures to safeguard its system and customers against fraudulent activity. Therefore, it is likely that Klarna may change the status to “Payment in progress” if it identifies a suspected fraud in the system.

We hope you are able to resolve the problem by using the aforementioned possible explanations and solutions.