(2022) Can you pay bills with Klarna

Swedish in origin, Klarna has expanded significantly since its founding in 2005 as a BNPL (buy now, pay later) marketplace.

Klarna has a number of different payment options, including two interest-free options for smaller purchases and many options with interest.

The Klarna app lets you shop and keeps tabs on your deliveries without leaving the app. The card may be used at any store that accepts Visa for the Pay in 4 option.

The answer to your question as to whether or not Klarna may be used to pay bills can be found here.

This page explains the ins and outs of Klarna, so you can make an informed decision.

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Can I use Klarna to pay my credit card bill?


It is not possible to use Klarna to make a payment on your credit card bill at this time. If you wish to pay your credit card payment online, you will have to make use of mobile banking.

After going through the details of your credit card bill, you need to make sure that you settle it as soon as you can to prevent incurring any late payment penalties and to reduce or eliminate any interest costs.

A significant number of consumers now make payments using their credit cards online, a process that often involves the movement of funds from a bank account to an associated credit card account.

However, credit card bill payments are currently not supported by Klarna, thus you cannot use Klarna to pay your credit card bill.

If the company that provides your credit card services also provides mobile banking, you will be able to use the credit card app to make payments.

Can I pay my phone bill with Klarna?

Klarna cannot be used in any way to pay for your phone bills, unfortunately.

As a BNPL service that can only be used for online or in-store transactions and not bill payment, Klarna prevents you from using it to pay your phone bills.

By using the Klarna app for your shopping needs, you will be able to spread out the payments for every significant purchase you make.

Can I pay my electric bill with Klarna?

If you have an account with Klarna Finance, you cannot pay your electric bill using a credit card; rather, you will need to use either your bank account or a debit card to make the payment.

Klarna is not a viable option for paying electric bills since it is a BNPL app and can only be used for online and in-store purchases.

To be more specific, no BNPL app currently supports the payment of electricity bills.

On the other hand, you may pay your electricity bill at any time by logging into your bank account online or by calling the company’s customer service number.


Can you pay the gas bill using Klarna?

Klarna has formed partnerships with two of the largest gas stations in the United States to enable consumers to make installment payments for their petrol purchases using the Klarna app.

This comes as the price of gasoline continues to rise.

Customers may divide the cost of their purchases at Chevron and Texaco petrol stations using Klarna, allowing them to buy food or gas and pay for it over the course of six weeks.

Is Klarna a valid payment option for airplane tickets?

There are certain travel agencies, like Alternative Airlines, who do accept Klarna as a payment option for booking tickets.

If you want to arrange a trip with them, you may use Klarna.

When it comes to making payments for flights, Alternative Airlines allows customers to use Direct Debits via Klarna.

When selecting ‘Pay Now’ for the whole price of the transaction, it is advised that you use this payment method rather than using Sofort.

Using Klarna and Direct Debit to pay for tickets right now is as easy as signing up and entering some payment information.

Sweden (SEK), Belgium (BEL), Spain (ES), Germany (DE), Italy (EUR), and Norway are some of the countries whose residents are now able to pay for flights using Klarna’s Direct Debit service (NOK).

How can I use Klarna to pay in stores?

To use Klarna to make purchases in physical shops, you will require a Klarna card that is compatible with digital wallet applications such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

On the other hand, you are only permitted one use of your Klarna card per twenty-four hours.

In order to use your Klarna card for further purchases, you will have to generate a new card first.

How Does Klarna Function?

The two interest-free payment plans offered by Klarna are its most successful services.

Pay in 4: With this payment method, you may divide the total cost of your purchase into four manageable installments. There is a total of six weeks to pay off your purchase, the first payment is required when your item arrives, and the next three payments are payable every two weeks after that.

Pay in 30: Using this option, you may place an order without paying anything up in advance. After the item has been shipped, Klarna will provide you with an invoice that has a payment deadline of one month later.

For purchases that will take longer than six weeks or even 30 days to pay off, Klarna provides paid financing alternatives, the majority of which are set up as lines of credit.

Monthly payment plans may be anything from six to thirty-six months long, depending on your specifics and the merchant offering the merchandise.


Klarna may be used at stores that have partnered with the service, as well as at any US-based online retailer that accepts prepaid cards.

However, as mentioned above, Klarna is designed to be used purely to make purchases either online or in physical stores.

Therefore, although it can be utilized to make purchases, it cannot be utilized in any way that involves the payment of bills.

As such, we trust that your questions about using the Klarna app to pay bills have been satisfactorily addressed.