How to fix ‘Venmo user not allowed to submit a charge’

Do you see the error message “Venmo user not allowed to submit a charge”?

Worried about how to fix the error?

Good news: you’ve come to the right site. We’ve broken down the causes and provided some troubleshooting advice to help you get things back on track. So, make sure you stick around. This error is displayed usually when you are requesting money from someone.

Venmo, which was launched in 2009, has rapidly grown in popularity since then and is now widely used as a convenient and secure means of online payment. Its user-friendly interface facilitates the exchange of a variety of currencies for the purpose of making payments and transferring cash internationally.

Why am I getting the error ‘Venmo user not allowed to submit a charge’?

Short Answer: Technical difficulties, insufficient account information of the sender, the sender’s account being banned, or the sender’s excessive transaction volume may all be to blame for the “Venmo user not allowed to submit a charge” error.


1. Request limit exceeded

You are limited to 10 requests per day to random people and 50 requests per day to friends, as per the Venmo help center. If you attempt to send more than that limit, you will get the message “Venmo user not allowed to submit a charge.”

2. Problems with technology

A sluggish internet connection or difficulty with the Venmo app might be the cause of technical difficulties. The error message “Venmo user not allowed to submit a charge” often appears in response to a payment request when there is a problem with the network.

Just like with payment problems, getting in touch with Venmo’s customer support staff as soon as possible is the quickest approach to have these technical difficulties resolved.

3. Missing or incomplete account details

If your personal or financial circumstances have changed, it may be time to update your Venmo account. Senders may be prevented from using Venmo until they provide up-to-date financial and tax information if the service determines it is necessary.

4. Suspended or disabled account

Venmo will not accept a payment from an account that has been restricted from receiving withdrawals or charges. If this occurs, you should advise the sender to contact the card issuer as soon as possible to learn the cause of the block.

If a transaction cannot be processed, it is likely that the account has been the victim of fraud. This indicates that the sender’s account may have been compromised, leading to the loss of sensitive information.

When Venmo detects suspicious activity on a user’s account, the account is flagged automatically for further protection. This flag stays in place until the problem is rectified by the consumer, the bank, and the card issuer.

5. Extensive numbers of purchases

Your Venmo account may be flagged if your company has an exceptionally high amount of transactions. The sudden influx of activity may be an indication that the account has been compromised and is being used for fraudulent purposes.

To ensure the legitimacy of the transaction, Venmo may delay executing the payment until the sender contacts customer support. In light of this, the sender should contact Venmo support without delay if they see any suspicious behavior or shady activities on their account.

How to fix ‘Venmo user not allowed to submit a charge’

Now that we have discussed the causes, let’s move on to the troubleshooting methods:

Method 1: Be patient till the server comes back up.

It’s possible that server troubles are causing Venmo to be unavailable owing to high volumes of users or routine maintenance. There’s nothing you can do till the server comes back up in this situation. If you’re worried that Venmo could be down, you can use DownDetector to check.

Method 2: Try using a different device.

It’s possible that the issue is connected to your computer or an issue with the internet if you’re trying to fix it on your own computer. If you have access to a different device, such as a tablet or phone, try making the purchase there instead. You will know that the problem is not with your network infrastructure if it still doesn’t function.

Method 3: Turn off VPN

Turn off your VPN for the time being. The virtual private network (VPN) you’re using may be limiting your requests or preventing you from making monetary transactions.

Method 4: Make sure the app is up to date.

You may be experiencing this problem because of a bug or technical glitch with the program. The problem may be resolved with the latest update, which includes bug fixes and more functionality.

For this reason, it is essential that you always use the most recent version of the software available to prevent the aforementioned problem.

Method 5: Contact Venmo Support.

If you have already tried the aforementioned solutions and are still seeing the error message, then you should definitely get in touch with Venmo Support.

Using the app, you may have a live conversation with one of their experts by going to “Get Help,” followed by “Contact Us.” You may also contact them using an online form that can be found on their site.


1. Why is Venmo not letting me pay someone?

If a payment doesn’t go through on Venmo, it’s usually because your bank or credit card company is rejecting the payment (beyond Venmo) or because the transaction has sparked one of Venmo’s automatic security flags.

2. Why does my Venmo keep saying error?

In addition to having a working internet connection (through Wi-Fi or cellular data), your device should have sufficient storage space and RAM. To determine whether disabling your VPN is the cause of the problem’s disappearance, consider doing just that. Sign out of Venmo and then back in. You need to uninstall Venmo and then reinstall it.


The best part is that although it would be ideal to approach Venmo customer service, certain situations, like the one at hand, might well be resolved by fast and simple remedies that you could take on your own.

But if you’re experiencing concerns with security or account blocking, you should contact Venmo support immediately.