6 ways to Fix: Regions mobile deposit not working

Is your Regions mobile deposit feature not working properly?

Are you unable to deposit a check on Regions mobile app?

Well, there could be many reasons why this could be happening. Here, we will mention all the reasons and guides to help you fix the problem.

So, if you are ready, let us dive right into the details.

Why is Regions mobile deposit not working

Short Answer: Regions mobile deposit is not working because your check is not eligible, your account is not in good standing, there could be issues with the Regions mobile app, or the images uploaded don’t satisfy the quality standards.

Fix: Regions mobile deposit not working

Let’s check out the ways to fix issues with Regions mobile deposit feature.

1. Inquire if check is accepted

Regions mobile deposit feature lets users deposit checks using their mobile, without even physically going to the bank. The feature is easy to implement, you just need to click the image of the check and upload it to the app, and you will be good to go.

But, Regions doesn’t accept all types of checks. So, if you are wondering why Regions mobile deposit is not working, you should confirm if Regions support the type of check you are trying to deposit.

According to the Regions, only party (personal), payroll, and government checks can be deposited with the mobile deposit feature. There is a possibility that the check falling under this category won’t be accepted by Regions.

There are other things that you should know. Sometimes checks are Not accepted by Regions if –

  1. they are Foreign checks or checks that are not payable in U.S. dollars
  2. they have different receiver details
  3. they draw money from financial institutions that are not located in the U.S
  4. they are “electronically created items” or “remotely created checks”

2. Inquire if account is in ‘Good Standing’

Let’s assume you have the check which is eligible to be deposited to Regions. There is one more thing that could be the reason why Regions mobile deposit is not working for you.

If your Regions account is not in good standing, you won’t be able to use the mobile deposit feature to deposit the check in your bank account.

According to the official statement by Regions, the user must keep their eligible personal checking, savings, money market, Now Card account, or non-analyzed business accounts in a good state. That simply means the account must not have an overdraft amount or late or pending charges left.

If you are using an associated credit card, make sure you are paying the installments on time. Sometimes, financial institutions like Regions access third-party user reports to decide if they are going to make features like mobile deposits available for the user.

So, never keep charges or installments associated with the account in a pending state.

3. Inquire if your check is outdated

If your check is eligible and your account is in a good state, there are chances you will be able to use the feature as usual. But, sometimes, a common mistake can cause issues with the mobile check deposit feature.

And one of the common issues why your Regions mobile deposit is not working could be the expiration of the check.

If you are trying to deposit the check with a date that is six months old, it will be considered as old, and Regions won’t consider it eligible.

Sometimes, checks that are postdated are also considered ineligible for the deposition. So, before you deposit your check, you must carefully observe if there is a date written on the check. If yes, check if it is not postdated or outdated.

4. Inquire if check is endorsed correctly

Regions, like other financial institutions, wants their users to endorse the check in a different way. And if the check you are going to deposit is not being endorsed in that way, you will find it hard to deposit the check in your Regions bank account.

As per Regions, the check must be endorsed with the payee’s signature along with the phrase “for Regions mobile deposit” written on the back side of the check.

This is for security purposes, and Regions wants every check deposited through the mobile check deposit feature to be endorsed with the same phrase and signature on the back side of the check.

5. Try re-uploading check images

The entire mobile check deposit feature demands the user to submit the images of the check clicked through the Regions app. Even if you are depositing a well-written check as per guidelines, you can still face issues in the final deposition feature.

This generally happens when the user is unable to submit good-quality images of the check while using the mobile check deposit feature. You just need to ensure the check images are clear and the details written on the image are not blurred out.

Another very important thing would be the check the corners of the check. See if the corner of the check is cut off. Remove any wrinkles, if possible.

6. Check internet issues

The entire procedure of the Regions mobile check deposit feature is done online. While the procedure saves a lot of time, sometimes the unavailability of a stable internet can cause trouble with the entire procedure.

Before trying any other way, check if your internet connection is stable and working as usual. Try streaming content on other apps like Youtube. If your internet is working fine, you will be able to stream the content as well as other things.


That’s all, ladies and gentlemen. We have mentioned all the reasons along with the guide to fix the issue.

If you need more details regarding any of the procedure, do let us know in the comments section below.