Fix: Navy Federal mobile deposit not working

Are you having issues with the Navy Federal mobile deposit service?

Is your Navy Federal app camera not working?

Well, if you are facing trouble with the Navy Federal mobile check deposit service, we suggest you check our detailed guide on how to fix the issues with mobile check deposit on the NFCU app.

So, if you are ready to go, let us start without further ado.

Why is Navy Federal mobile deposit not working

Short Answer: Navy Federal mobile deposit is not working because you exceeded the deposit limit, you are submitting a check after 6:00 pm ET or on holiday, images of the check are not clear, there are issues with Navy Federal servers, or your device doesn’t have a stable internet connection.

Fix: Navy Federal mobile deposit not working

Let’s see some ways to fix the issues with the Navy Federal mobile check deposit service.

1. Check the deposit limit & transaction limit

Well, this is not the most common issue, but still, many users face the issue when it comes to the NFCU mobile deposit limit. And if you are one of those who have exceeded the deposit limit, you won’t be able to deposit any more checks now.

Talking about the deposit limit, all the account holders, whether a business or a personal account, can only deposit checks worth $50,000. It could be a single check worth $50,000 or multiple checks.

There is a limit on transaction limit as well. The personal account holder can only deposit a total of 10 checks in a day. This limit doesn’t apply to the business account holder, but the deposit limit remains the same for both account types.

So, if you are having issues with the procedure and are wondering why the Navy Federal mobile deposit is not working for you, we suggest you check the total amount of checks you deposited in a business day.

2. Check the type of check

Depositing a check through the Navy Federal mobile app is simple and convenient. But, not all checks can be deposited through the Navy Federal Credit Union mobile app.

Only four types of checks can be deposited through the Navy Federal mobile app. These are – Personal checks, Corporate/business checks, Cashier’s checks, and Government checks.

Checks classified in any other type of check cannot be redeemed through the NFCU app. Even if you try to deposit the check, it will be rejected by the Navy Federal team in the review procedure.

3. Check if the check is endorsed as required

Talking about the most common issue which results in a rejected check is the incorrect endorsement of the check. Navy Federal mobile deposit is not working for you because you are putting your signature in the wrong way.

Navy Federal wants the payee to endorse the check with their signature and a particular phrase. If you are not aware of the requirement, fret not. Along with the payee’s signature, the check needs to have a phrase – “For Mobile Deposit Only at NFCU.” Simple, right?

The phrase ensures that the check is not deposited again at any other financial institution or Navy Federal. So, this has to be taken very seriously.

4. Deposit before the time

Let’s talk about another common issue which results in delay in the whole procedure of depositing the check.

According to the official NFCU statement, they process the checks deposited through mobile on the same day if the user submits the check by 6:00 pm, ET on a business day (Monday to Friday).

Checks deposited after 6:00 pm, ET or on a weekend or non-working day will be considered on the next business day. That means the procedure will be delayed depending on the time when the check was deposited.

5. Add correct details

This is probably the most common issue, which still happens because of any mistyping error in name, account number, or missing details. The payee needs to endorse the check correctly and add the correct details of the receiver.

Any mistake in the spelling of the name will definitely result in the rejection of the check. So, always ask the payee to write the name and account number correctly and review it once before making things final from their end.

6. Reupload check images

Navy Federal mobile deposit is convenient as the user doesn’t have to visit a bank to deposit the check written to them. To prove that the user has the original copy of the check, original images of the check have to be uploaded through Navy Federal official app.

NFCU is quite strict when it comes to image quality. According to the credit union, the images that the user uploads must comply with all quality standards established by ANSI, the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Board, or any other clearing house, association, or regulatory agency.

Tips to capture a high-quality image –

  1. Click photo in bright light conditions.
  2. Avoid clicking photos with a flashlight.
  3. Put the check on a flat and stable surface.
  4. Do not capture any shadows in the photo.
  5. Click the full-size image, and crop it later.

Earlier in 2022, some users reported an error in the NFCU app. According to the users, their Navy Federal mobile deposit camera was not working, and they couldn’t upload the images of the check. Well, the error was fixed in a patch update.

If you ever face issues with the app, we suggest you update your Navy Federal mobile app to the latest version of the app.

7. Contact NFCU support

If you deposit a check successfully using the Navy Federal mobile check deposit service, you will receive a notification on the registered email address about the same. And a Deposit Declined Notification email for the failure or rejection of the check deposit appeal.

If your check deposit request has been declined, even if you are confident that you are ensuring there is no reason for the rejection, we suggest you contact NFCU support.

You can call Navy Federal support at 1-888-842-6328.

You can also reach out to the official Navy Federal Twitter handle for help.

8. Check server status

If you have tried every method, we mentioned in this post and still facing the same issue with the Navy Federal mobile deposit service. We will suggest our users check if the Navy Federal app is working as intended.

Sometimes, even if you are doing everything right from your end, you may still find it hard to use the service. This generally happens because of server issues from the company’s end.

But, the thing is, you cannot do anything about it. We suggest you keep checking the server status on third-party platforms like – and This will surely save you time.


And that’s pretty much all, ladies and gentlemen.

Here, we have tried including fixes for all the possible issues in the Navy Federal mobile deposit service.

If you need any assistance regarding the fix discussed here, you can let us know in the comments section below.