Fix: Klarna purchase power went down/ not showing

Is your Klarna purchase power not being reflected?

Have you seen a drop in your Klarna limit and wondered why?

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Why is my Klarna purchase power not showing?

Short Answer: Your Purchase Power will be unavailable if payments are past due or otherwise unsuccessful. Paying off past due or missed payments might raise your Purchase Power in the app and your chances of being approved to purchase with Klarna.

Every time you make a purchase with Klarna, a fresh automatic approval decision is made on the amount you can spend. Considerations such as your past payment history with Klarna and your current balance go towards calculating your Purchase Power.

The amount is not set in stone and may vary depending on the retailer and method of payment selected.

What does ‘Klarna spending limit reached’ mean?

If your Klarna account says “spending limit reached,” you can’t make any more purchases using the service for a while. An individual’s spending cap on Klarna is based on several factors, including their trustworthiness, creditworthiness, and more.

Restrictions on how much you may spend will be imposed by Klarna if you are not a frequent user and have used the service to make several payment requests in a short amount of time.

Why did my Klarna limit go down?

Short Answer: You may have noticed a decrease in your Klarna limit as a result of a recent adjustment Klarna enacted, according to which it now considers a user’s credit score when determining the Purchase Power. A customer’s Purchase Power was formerly thought to be determined only by their payment history with Klarna.

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According to Klarna, “Due to increased inflation and interest rates, some customers will have seen their Purchase Power reduced.

As a consequence, many customers have seen a dramatic drop in their Klarna Purchase Power almost overnight. Users of Klarna are complaining on various message boards about how this move has affected them even if they previously had a perfect payment history with no defaults.

There can be no doubt that this will hurt Klarna in the near run if dedicated customers abandon the ship and go to other BNPL mechanisms. Klarna, though, seems to think that this will eventually lead to more prudent lending practices.

Klarna customer service may respond to your inquiry about the latest upgrades to their platform: “Your purchase power sadly went down due to our purchase power update which now uses Vantage Scores (credit history) to determine your purchase power.”

It’s important to keep an eye on your Vantage credit score since it’s now a component in determining your purchasing potential. The three main credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion) have collaborated to create a rating system called the VantageScore that may be used to assess a borrower’s tendency to make loan repayments on time.

Fix: Klarna purchase power went down

Method 1: Avoid making several purchase requests at once

In certain cases, Klarna may limit your ability to request funds if you have done so repeatedly within a limited time frame. More than six inquiries every week, for example. This is all speculation; there has been no official confirmation of this.

Customers that qualify may take out a loan with Klarna. However, even if you do qualify, Klarna may still limit your spending. You may prevent this problem by avoiding making numerous Klarna purchase requests at once. This will affect both your credit history and your ability to use Klarna.

We also recommend trying to make the purchase request for the whole amount at a different period if you keep encountering limit constraints on submitting the purchase request for a certain amount at a specific time.

Method 2: Establish a good credit score

Your ability to make a large Klarna purchase request might be limited even if you have an excellent credit history. And it could be due to your bad financial habits, which are causing your credit score to decline.

At this time, having a BNPL app record does not boost your credit score. To determine your credit score, information about loans, credit cards, and other forms of credit you have taken out are taken into account.

Before approving a payment, Klarna may do a credit check. In addition, there is a minimum credit score necessary to borrow any given amount. Maintain and improve your credit score by reducing your usage of buy now, pay later apps, and promptly paying off any credit card balances you may have.

Method 3: Link your Bank account

When you are provided with the chance to do so, link your bank account to your Klarna account. Because of this, Klarna will have the opportunity to gain a better understanding of your financial standing, and as a consequence, they will be in a position to make an appropriate judgment about your credit.

Method 4: Use Klarna to settle any outstanding purchases.

Your purchasing power will be 0 if you’ve already spent more than you had planned. Purchase power may be increased by making payments on overdue purchases. In addition to this, you need to make it a priority to settle all of your financial obligations within the specified time frame.

Keeping a spotless payment record with Klarna will gradually raise your spending limit.


1. Why doesn’t Klarna show my spending limit?

Klarna does not have any set expenditure restrictions. Instead, every time you make a Klarna payment, a new automatic approval assessment is made regarding the amount of money you may spend.


Klarna’s Purchase Power is a variable figure that fluctuates in real-time. Those who previously depended on Klarna have been hit hard by the sudden introduction of variables such as credit score.

Should you observe an increase or reduction in it, you may anticipate seeing progressive changes over time with good behavior on Klarna as well as on various credits you have.