Can you use Zelle with Netspend

When it comes to prepaid cards, Netspend is among the most often used options. They’re convenient, cost nothing, and may be used anywhere that accepts Visa.

Digital money transfer service Zelle was developed in the United States and is available as a smartphone application. It’s been all over the news recently due to the ease it brings to its users’ lives.

Despite its short history, it has already been adopted by a large number of financial institutions. But, does Netspend work with Zelle? Stick to the end of the article to find out the answer.

Can you use Zelle with Netspend?

Short Answer: Sadly, you can’t use Zelle with NetSpend at the moment. This is because Netspend does not appear on the list of acceptable banks that are affiliated with Zelle.


Despite the fact that Netspend cards are not compatible with Zelle, the latter remains a widely used P2P money transfer option.

The Zelle app may be used either as an integrated feature of compatible financial institutions in the United States or as a stand-alone service to conduct automated clearing house (ACH) transactions between bank accounts in the United States.

You may attach debit cards to your Zelle account, but they must be issued by one of the banks that Zelle supports. With the help of some of the most well-known financial institutions in the United States, including Citibank, Bank of America, Chase, and many more, Zelle has collaborated with over a thousand financial institutions.

Although Netspend is not currently one of the supported banks by Zelle, that does not rule out the possibility of a future partnership between the two services.

The number of financial institutions supported by Zelle is growing. The greater their network of partner financial institutions, the greater their potential to expand their user base.

Does Netspend work with Zelle?

Since Netspend is a prepaid card, and a majority of the prepaid cards are not supported by Zelle, the short answer is no. When you use Zelle to try to connect your Netspend Visa debit card, you will get a notification that says “We’re sorry. This card is not eligible.”

Despite being a supported bank by many users, Netspend is not featured on Zelle’s official list of supported financial institutions.

When it comes to financial institutions, Zelle mostly collaborates with traditional institutions like banks and credit unions. To name a few, Cash App, Venmo, and Chime, aren’t supported among the number of digital banking and financial management applications.

Despite this, Zelle is consistently adding more financial institutions and credit unions to its roster, which means that Netspend could be included at some time in the not-too-distant future.

How to Add a Debit Card to Zelle?

Firstly, choose a debit card to add. Also, make sure you go through the list of banks and credit unions that are open. If you attempt to add a card that does not qualify, you will get the notice “We’re sorry. The card is not eligible.”

When you’ve confirmed that Zelle accepts your bank, follow the steps that are mentioned below to add a debit card.

  • Step 1: Launch the Zelle app

To begin, download the Zelle app on your mobile device. Finally, if you already have the Zelle app, update it to the most recent version. The app store in question should have the latest version available.

Image Source: Zelle
  • Step 2: Next, navigate to the user account settings

When you first launch Zelle, you’ll be taken to the app’s main screen. A gear icon representing your account settings may be seen in the upper left corner of the app. Click on it to proceed.

  • Step 3: Choose the Account tab

When you click the Settings button, several tabs appear. Choose the Account tab once you get there.

  • Step 4: Click on Switch Accounts

You may see the information about your registered banks, debit cards, and other payment methods by clicking the Accounts tab. To change accounts, click the button labeled “Switch Accounts” at the very top of this page.

  • Step 5: Input debit card details

Your debit card information will be requested now. To begin, enter the full 16-digit debit card number. The card’s expiry date and CVV number are also required. Keep your bank card close to reach.

  • Step 6: Input your personal information

The next step after inputting the card information is entering your personal information like first and surname.

When adding a new payment method, Zelle will verify the information you provide, so be sure to use your legal name. And your card won’t be uploaded if the information doesn’t match the national records. Click Continue when you’re done.

  • Step 7: Specify a Billing Address

As the last step, provide your personal information and credit card information. Your Billing Information (including postal code and street address) must be entered.

  • Step 8: Hold tight during the verification process

You’ve finished your required action. Any information you’ve submitted will be checked by Zelle. Checking things out often doesn’t take too long. Within a few minutes of adding your card, you’ll be able to start using it.

And with that, we’re done. Zelle now has a valid connection to the debit card you provided. Any debit or credit card will do when adding it to Zelle.


1. How many prepaid cards does Zelle accept?

“Gift cards or pre-paid cards from financial institutions outside the Zelle Network” are not supported by Zelle because it is developed by large, established banks. So, debit cards like Netspend aren’t accepted. Prepaid cards issued by banks not participating in the Zelle Network will not work.

2. Why doesn’t Zelle use NetSpend?

Since NetSpend offers its banking services in conjunction with other banks like The Bancorp Bank and Axos Bank, Zelle is unable to facilitate transactions between these institutions. Unfortunately, you cannot use Zelle with a NetSpend card because it has not yet formed partnerships with the financial institutions that issue NetSpend cards.


Knowing this, you may avoid the hassle of trying to link your Netspend debit card to the Zelle app.

However, if you have an account at one of the many other eligible financial institutions, you should have no trouble adding your card to Zelle.