(8 Ways to Fix) Capital One mobile deposit not working

Are you not able to deposit check via Capital One mobile deposit

If Capital One mobile deposit is not working, you have landed on the right place. Here we have discussed all the reasons why it could happen and how to fix it.

So, let’s get started.

Why is my Capital One mobile deposit not working:

There can be a dozen of reasons why the Capital One mobile check deposit isn’t working for you such as your Internet connection is weak, you are using an outdated Capital One mobile app, the image of the check is blurry or the corners of the check are cut off, you haven’t endorsed the check, servers of Capital One are having issues, etc.

Well, whatever be the case, below we have discussed a few things to fix the issues or at least make sure that the problem doesn’t lie on your end.

How to Fix Capital One mobile deposit not working:

1. Check your internet connection

The first reason Capital One mobile check deposit isn’t working for you could be your internet connection.

If your internet isn’t working or isn’t stable, you won’t be able to check via the mobile deposit.

That being said, you can check your internet speed online on fast.com or other similar services.

We would also suggest turning off your Wi-Fi router and turning it on after a few minutes. This way, your internet will get refreshed.

Also, we would recommend using your mobile data instead of Wi-Fi or vice-versa.

2. Disable your VPN

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) disguises your location and hides your identity.

However, the payment, bank and other financial services require your location to complete the payment and transactions for security reasons.

So, if you have turned on your VPN, disable it and then try submitting the check via the Capital One mobile deposit feature.

3. Update Capital One mobile app

If you are using an outdated version of the Capital One mobile, it could also be a reason why you are having issues while depositing your check via mobile deposit.

There might be some vulnerabilities, bugs or other issues housed in the version of the app you are using.

So, make sure to use the latest version of Capital One mobile app.

You can download the latest version of the app from the links below:

4. Check Capital One server status

If your internet is working fine, but still Capital One mobile banking is not working for you, the reason could be the that servers of Capital One are down or having issues.

It’s always a good idea to know whether the issue lies on your side or on the server side.

That being said, you check the server status of Capital One online for free.

We would suggest visiting the downdetector page for Capital One. Here, you can check the number of reports and user comments.

If the number of reports are significant it means servers of Capital One are having a tough time.

In this case, you would like to wait for some time or till the servers gets restored.

5. Make sure you have endorsed the check

If you have submitted the check via Capital One mobile check deposit, and it’s getting declined, the reason could be that you haven’t endorsed the check (signed the check).

Yes, signing the check while submitting it via the PNC mobile deposit feature is necessary.

(please write “for Capital One mobile deposit” and sign your name on the back of the check prior to taking your picture).

6. Make sure image of check is clear

If you haven’t captured the images of the check properly and clearly, it could be another reason why your Capital One check is rejected when you have submitted it via mobile deposit.

Capital One asks the users to upload images of the scanned images of the check from both the front and back sides. This is required for the verification procedure.

But, blurred images are rejected right away. So, make sure to capture clear photos. All the details must be visible clearly.

Also, make sure to capture the full image of the check and do not cut any corner of the check while capturing its image.

Moreover, note that your shadow isn’t falling on the check.

To sum up:

  • Make sure the check is in focus and the image isn’t too small.
  • Make sure corners of the check are not cut off.
  • Try flattening the check to remove any wrinkles.
  • Make sure the image is not too light or too dark. Try placing it on a dark, non-reflective background in a well-lit area.
  • Make sure the Information on the check is clear.
  • Do not forget to endorse the check.

7. Make sure your check type is accepted by Capital One mobile deposit

If the servers of the Capital One are working fine and the image of your check is also clear and still Capital One is not accepting the check, the reason could be that the check isn’t supported by Capital One mobile check deposit feature.

Following check are not accepted by Capital One via mobile deposit

  • Checks made payable to anyone other than yourself and any joint account holders.
  • Checks that are more than six months old, postdated, or not dated.
  • Checks payable to “Cash”
  • Money orders and traveler’s checks
  • Foreign checks

So, if your check is among any of the types mentioned above, it won’t get accepted via the Capital One mobile deposit. You have to visit the bank to submit such type of check.

8. Contact Capital One support

Lastly, if you have followed all the methods listed above and still can’t the mobile check deposit isn’t working or check deposit is failed for you then the last option that remains is to contact the Capital One support.

Call at 1-877-442-3764 for further assistance.

Final words

So, that’s all for now folks, I hope after reading this post, you were able to know why Capital One mobile deposit was not working for you, and you have probably solved it.

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